The art of using essential keywords

The art of using essential keywords

Search engines are the vehicles that direct potential customers to your online shopping websites. However, for visitors to reach their destination, your website needs to provide specific and practical indicators to direct them to your site.

You must first carefully select both high-quality and high-performing keywords to accomplish this.

How do you do this? An excellent starting place is searching other websites and looking at what keywords they are using.

However, be very careful, for if your keywords are too general or too over-used, the possibility of any visitors ever making it to your website in the first place, or for that matter, for you to start seeing any potential profits from your visitors that do eventually visit, will, to put it mildly, decrease dramatically.

So with the above in mind, always remember that your keywords serve just one purpose. They are quite simply the foundation of all your marketing strategies. This means if they are not chosen with the highest accuracy and quality, no matter how aggressive your marketing campaign is, most people will probably never arrive at your website in the first place.

So, one more time, always gather and evaluate all combinations of the phrases you use on your website, and of course, as our title implies, use only essential quality keywords.

Moving on. We have already discussed the importance of what type of keywords you should use for your search engine queries and, of course, your essential phrases.

Unfortunately, if you did not follow specific criteria, just like many of us when first starting, you probably got it wrong. Why? Simply because it is hard to be objective when you are right in the center of a newly created business network, a network which you have probably toiled over for many, many months.

My personal opinion to help get you going is not to worry. We have all been there, and if anyone tells you differently, ignore them. They are pretty simply lying through their teeth.

Just put yourself in the position of your future clients, you need to be able to think like your customers, and since you are now a business owner, your best bet is to proceed directly to the source and research your keywords from the inside out, thus guaranteeing your client’s not only a better service but also a more pleasant experience when visiting your website. After all, this is why you started to research this topic in the first place.

Next, we go on to where you can discover those elusive but essential keywords. Instead of just plummeting in and scribbling down a list of possible search words and phrases by hand, request words from as many potential regulars as possible. Like I, the chances are that you will discover that your understanding of your business and your customers’ understanding of your business is significantly different, something that still amazes many.

So, with the above in mind, it is only after you have gathered as many words and phrases from the outside of your organization as you can should you even think of adding any of them to your stockpile list; then and only then will you be ready to enter the next step, the evaluation stage.

This evaluation step is perhaps an essential step of this short narrative; it merely aims to thin down your list to a tiny number of both words and phrases, with the attention of directing the highest number of quality visitors to your website; and by “quality visitors” I mean patrons who are most likely to give you a sale rather than to journey through your site and take off for better pastures later.

In evaluating these keywords’ effectiveness, consider the three elements we have added below; popularity, specificity, and motive.

Popularity is the simplest to evaluate because it is of objective quality. The more popular your keyword or phrase is, the more likely the prospects are that it will be entered into a search engine that will force up your website’s ranking.

Unlike in the past, you can now acquire computer software that will rate the popularity of specific keywords and phrases by giving words a number rating centered on actual search engine action.

Software such as WordTracker even suggests adaptations of your words and idioms. The better the number this software designates to a given keyword, the more traffic flow you can reasonably expect to be directed to your site.

The only snag with this concept is the more popular the keyword is, the higher the search engine position will be, which may, in turn, push your website lower into the search engine rankings, thus causing your site to move down to the bottom of the search results; Result, the consumer, will probably never scroll down to find you.

Popularity isn’t enough to declare a keyword the right choice for your website. So we will move on to our following criteria, which is specificity.

Specificity; Let’s look at a hypothetical example. Imagine that you have found popularity rankings for the keywords “automobile companies.” However, your corporation specializes in bodywork.

The keyword phrase “automobile body shops” will rank lower on the overall popularity scale than, of course, “automobile companies” would; still, it would nonetheless serve you much better than getting a slew of people attracted to everything from buying a car, to changing their oil filters.

You will only get consumers who have trashed the front ends or crumpled their fenders to your site.

Motivation; The third and final criteria will once again require putting yourself inside the mind of your customer; rather than the seller. This will then help you figure out just what motivation prompts a person to look for a service or product that will force them to type in a particular word or phrase, such as a client searching for a job as an IT manager in a new city.

For example, If you had to pick between a “Seattle job listing” and a “Seattle IT recruiter,” which would benefit the consumer more if they were indeed looking for that type of job?

Of course, it would be the second one, people who have already decided on a new career and are ready to enlist you as their recruiter, rather than someone just out of school. In other words, people who are prepared to make a purchase.

OK, my friends, If you have the above correct, your job is done. You have learned not only the essence of using essential keywords but also how to attract anyone to your pride and joy on your website in just the time you took to read this short narrative.


Well, my good friends, so many thanks for reading this rather special short narrative. It is most appreciated, so I wish you all happy times without any further ado and stay safe by keeping a safe distance.

So on behalf of the Vandergraph family and every employee at Bargainbrute.com, we thank you for shopping with us today.

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