how to better your chances in an interview

How to Better your Chances in an Interview 

Yesterday we talked about “How To Conduct Yourself During an Interview,” today, we take a look at how you can better your chances to land that great job with a few insider tricks.


Yesterday it was the companies turn to ask you questions today. It’s your turn, and it will be your only chance to shine in front of your prospective employers before. Hopefully, you become a leading member of their team.


Beware, the interviewer or interviewers will be observing you, for it is here that they will finally see what you have to offer. It is here that they will see just what you think of yourself.


Remember, if you have got this far in the interview, your employer already indicates that you may have something to offer their company. You have passed the stage where the interviewer would have terminated the interview f he or she was not interested in you,


Depending on how you act and what you ask them from this point on, you will, in most cases, decide just what your future holds, so think carefully while at the same time ensuring your confidence shines through for all to see. Give yourself an imaginary pat on the back, take a little breath. The winning post is just within your reach.


Now is the time when you can safely pick up that tiny glass of water the interviewing team provided to you, just as you sat down to start the interview.


In yesterday’s how-to article, we spoke about being prepared, so now is the time to pull out a couple of questions to ask your future employer. This will show them that you are interested in the job and that you want to learn more about your future position.


If you sit there and smile, thinking you had completed the interview, this would be a sign of indifference on your part. Remember, they are watching closely.


Ensure your questions are relevant to your job. You do not want to start asking questions about days off or how many hours you will be working each day at this stage. This can be done once you have the job and are sitting with the HR director.


Show them that you want to evolve in the company, ask them how you can contribute to other team members even if it is outside of your job description.


Show them that you are interested in learning more about the company and indicate what you have already learned about the company while researching them by asking if you have missed anything.


Now tell them just why you think you would be a perfect person for the job you are being interviewed for. This will show them two things, once you have done your homework, and two, they will learn just what experience you have had in the past.


Remember to keep it short but concise. You do not want to come across as arrogant, know it. You want them to know that you are the best applicant for the job.


Arrive at least 15 minutes before the interview start time, and remember your interview starts as soon as you walk into the building. Someone will be watching you.


If you arrive and other interview attendees are waiting in the office annex, introduce yourself to them, say hello before sitting down. This simple action can go a long way, especially if a receptionist is sitting in the same room.


Food for thought: Just a quick heads up. Some bosses have been known to play the part of a receptionist just so he or she can see how you react with strangers, so be careful.


Dress and comportment: You should dress professionally but do not overdress. Just be smart and business-like. When you enter the room, enter with confidence and introduce yourself, do not, and I repeat, do not just slump into a chair, sit back and cross your legs. This indicates that you are at the least arrogant and not someone the company is looking for.


If there is a team of interviewers, do not take for granted that the person asking the questions is the boss, some bosses like to sit on the sidelines and watch, so treat all interviewers with the same respect.


Well, folks, if you are reading this, then I can only assume that you are going to an interview, so I wish you all the best in your endeavors. I will not expect you luck as you do not need it, you have decided either to make a career move, or it may even be your first interview, either way, you have made a decision to promote yourself, which in my book says you are a mover and someone I would have pleasure in offering a position within my company knowing that I need new people if my company is going to continue to be successful and up to date.


Thanks for reading, guys, and do not forget to join us tomorrow for another BargainBrute.Com Ultimate How-To daily narrative. See you all tomorrow, and happy job hunting.    

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