Video Gaming is the only Way

Video Gaming is the only Way

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The birth of the Video game

It may surprise you that the first video game created happened back in October 1958 by an unknown Physicist William Higinbotham, who in his spare time developed a simple video game based on the Wimbledon favorite tennis, which in the early 1970s would be changed to a more straightforward tabletop video game “Ping Pong” with the unusual name of “Pong.”


Yes, if, like I, you were lucky enough to be around in the 1970s, then you would have witnessed these eye-popping video games sprouting up in most bars throughout the world, the day of the “Gamer” was born, living in your local bar or pub would never be the same again.


Of course, the world of video gaming has changed drastically over the years. Today generates approximately $135.00 billion in revenue (2018 figures) per year, thus becoming the third greatest retail and online marketing business within the United States after both “Cable TV” and other traditional broadcasting companies. I include both online and offline.


Another factor governing online gaming’s rapid rise to significance is the invention of another mega retail product, both the cell phone and, of course, its modern-day cousin, the “Smartphone.” However, the smartphone would not become available to the general public until 1994.


Authors note: Although the first family of portable phones, the “Cellphones,” were available to members of the public before this date, it would take the likes of “IBM” to first market the new revolutionary “Smartphones,” with the result that the first real “Smartphone” became available to the general public only after the original prototype was tested against IBM’s “Simon Personal Communicator,” hence the slight delay of the “Smartphone” entering the “global online market.”


Yes, those early days back in the 1970s and 1980s were, as far as I can remember, lots of fun, and those times will probably stay with me for the remainder of my life. I can still remember with joy going to the local bar with my good lady wife, a lady who has stuck with me now for over forty-five years. Yes, what fun we had was primarily because of that simple video game called “Pong,” a game that we have already spoken of above.


Of course, we had much better to come; the video gaming industry took off much to our delight, I might add, famous video games such as “Frogger,” “Pacman,” “Kong” and of course, the immortal “Star Wars” all made their way into the bars up, and down the country, I honestly believe that the only people who were suffering were the then poor bar owners (so they would have us believe) as they could not get their patrons off the tabletop video games to purchase a pint.


Yes, overnight, their sales plummeted. However, little did they know that worse was to come. The home version was about to hit the online markets with the advent of the famous Atari video game terminal; now, we did not even have to go out to play, the world of online video gaming had arrived, and we were clutched at it with both hands.


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