The Douglas Vandergraph Family Supports National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

The Vandergraph Family Supports National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Good morning to you all. Once again, welcome to another BargainBrute.Com short narrative where today we will be looking into the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and other websites available to women in need.

These are just a few words about the abusive circumstances many North Americans now find themselves in because of the Coronavirus. It is a virus that has transformed our lives to such a degree that we are now totally controlled by both its horrid effects and its manipulative life-changing bodily functions.

Yes, Covid-19 has transformed everyone’s lives in one way or another, especially those who find themselves living in abusive circumstances.

On average, close to 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in North America, in line with the National Coalition of Domestic Violence.

This horrid statistic may be on the increase since this pandemic has elevated our fear of the unknown and, as a result, has produced tremendous pressure and anxiety in both family households and relationships.

Additionally, it would also seem that fewer victims are looking for help since they feel much safer at home. They may seem more willing to share living space with abusers, so they are not actively planning for a new beginning. One of which is absent from all levels of intolerable behaviors.

Authors note: For those who do not know, the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) is a nonprofit association with a mission to be the voice of victims who have survived or are being abused by someone close. At the same time, they hold the abuser accountable for their abuse of a fellow member of their own family.

If you know of someone, whether a child, infant, or a spouse, and you think they may be in a life-threatening circumstance, please take the initiative and call 911 before the abuse becomes fatal. With the rise of domestic abuse, especially violent abuse in America, we must inform authorities without delay. Thus, making us responsible for many, many lives.

The Online social community is now full of websites aimed at women.

Below I have included a few that deserve to be checked out, not just by the women but also by the male. All the sites listed below are chock full of tools for female and male internet users, which can improve our fight against aggression and abuse.

www.4woman.gov A health website for women dedicates its time to helping migrant workers and their families receive correct medical attention whenever required. This is especially true when the migrants and their children are placed in Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs). A practice for which they have been awarded many different awards for including the “24th  Monroe E. Trout Premier Cares Award,” which also includes a $100,000 cash prize to be used wherever they want.

www.Womenandco.com: Although based in Australia, this is another company that protects and offers services to the original natives of Australia, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, as they believe them to be the first residents of the large island we now call Australia.

One of the services they offer is to make it easier for women to get a financial life through a local bank, which is extremely difficult for the average Australian to do so even today in modern times.

Women’s eNews: This company has grown over the years to be heard as one of, if not the most, award-winning nonprofit news organizations. They cover any news item that is to do with both women and girls to honor and respect them all. With their massive writing team, which is spread throughout the globe, including the vast expanse between New Your City and Delhi, they have an estimated 2. 5 million readers every year, with the figure rising each day.

They are always on the lookout for new stories. They recruit freelance writers to write about almost anything, including religion, politics, health, science, education, sports, and economics.

Their Mission: Women’s eNews reports women and girls’ stories to create a more equitable world.

Their Values: To sustain journalism’s values by pursuing the truth and reporting it while acting autonomously and minimizing harm with accountability and transparency.

Once they have their news articles from their incredible massive team of writers, they attempt to distribute them (all 800 of them every day) through their website or traditional news outlets. So successful has this award-winning recipe for news article collection become that in 2002 the award-winning investigative journalist Rita Henley Jensen became both their owner and CEO.

The last of my examples is the incredible Barbarak. They have a very simplistic approach and answer the questions that you were typically afraid to ask in the first place. This is something which I am assured we all have done in the past and will probably do once again in the future.