The Real Thing Coca Cola with BargainBrute

The Real Thing Coca Cola with BargainBrute

Good morning to you all, and once again, welcome to another BargainBrute.Com, which was recently nominated America’s preferred place to shop online, short narrative.

Today, we aim to delve into the magical world of “Coca-Cola,” better known as “Coke.” Now, on with our story “The Real Thing Coca Cola with BargainBrute.”

The Real Thing

If you were brought up in the 1950s, then you most certainly have become used to the golden taste of “Coca-Cola.” Which, just like our host “BargainBrute,” has become one of “America’s” favorite companies. Just like “BargainBrute,” “Coca-Cola” has maintained their love of good old fashion family values, which has resulted in them operating just like that famous advertisement “The Real Thing,” which in itself was in operation long before the modern world of “Social Media Platforms.”

So what has Coca-Cola got that other carbonated drinks do not?

It is simply a carbonated drink manufactured by mixing carbonated water with Coca-Cola’s” magical syrup. A syrup which, up until recently, was kept secret from us, so-called law-abiding citizens.

When and who first marketed and made Coca-Cola?

Coca-Cola was first invented by a soft-spoken gentleman named John Pemberton back in 1885. John was a pharmacist who worked out of Atlanta, Georgia. In his spare time, while working in his backyard, he came across the golden syrup apparently by accident, something which is akin to most famous recipes and inventions.

The Cocaine Connection:

I should clarify that in those early days, “Cocaine” was entirely legal. However, just because it was legal in the 19th century does not make it safe to use now. Readers should not think that just because I mention it in this short narrative that it is safe to use, as we all now know, it is not, so please be aware we have added “Cocaine” to this story just for its historical value.

Other ingredients in Pemberton’s recipe were the simple Coco leaf, hence “Coco” being the first part of the name and Cola the second part.

The actual “Kola Nut” originates in “West Africa” and is packed full of “caffeine.” It is also, just like the brand of Coca-Cola, mega in size as it can reach up to 50ft in height while at the same time sprouting many limbs, all of which are also chockablock full of nuts (or Fruits) about the same size as a giant chestnut tree.

The Temperance and Medicinal connection:  

Throughout its existence, Coca-Cola has been associated with or helped with many notable charities, and I include in that list many public health programs.

One of these movements was the “Temperance movement,” a movement that was America’s first attempt to ban all forms of alcohol within the USA’s mainland back in the 1830s.

It was also the platform that many abolitionists used to rid America of slavery, which today is still a thorn in the side of American politics. As you can see, our young chemist lived in quite a hostile time so maybe, we should today give the inventor of Coca-Cola a little pat on the back as without him, perhaps none of us would have ever tasted the magical concoction. Now known as “Coca-Cola.” Indeed, a magical golden brown soft drink, a soft drink that today many youthful video gamers now drink while playing modern-day video games or searching out their friends on social media platforms like “Twitter” or “Facebook, to mention two.

Today, we have come a long way from those early days way back in the 1830s. Yes, we have arrived at today’s modern-day online retail, super fast social media platform world, so let’s enjoy it, even while the world is still coming to grips with what must be called the most terrible “Pandemic” the world had known since back in the 1920s when the world was also suffering from a grotesque sickness, a sickness we then knew as the “Spanish Flu.”

Well, guys, I do hope you have enjoyed this short narrative. I have enjoyed researching it, and writing it, so without further ado, I think the time has come to thank our kind hosts’ BargainBrute.Com. After all, without them, I would not be writing this short narrative.

So who is BargainBrute?

BargainBrute is an American-based online retailer that works out of “Fort Collins,” “Colorado,” owned and operated by the Vandergraph family under the stewardship of “Douglas Vandergraph.” This modern-day online retail company has, along with its team of dedicated professionals, stood out from the rest of the online retail consortium simply because of its continued support for the online community.

Unlike many other online companies, they have also plowed back into the online industry mountains of cash by building and constructing distribution warehouses throughout the North American mainland. Like Coca-Cola, they have become America’s real thing, an online retail business that has not forgotten how to do business, the only way, the BargainBrute Way.

So on behalf of my friends at BargainBrute.Com, I wish you all well and hope to see you all later for another short but powerful narrative, which I will endeavor to make as enjoyable as possible. In ending, I would be remiss if I did not mention “Thanksgiving,” I sincerely hope you had a marvelous time.

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