The Honey Bee

The Honey Bee a BargainBrute Sweet Deal

Today we intend to explore the wonderful world of the Honey Bee, a creature we often overlook, especially when searching for one of those sweet deals that America’s favorite place to shop online seems to thrive on. So without any further ado, let’s go out exploring.

Welcome to the World of the Honey Bee.

Before we get into the incredible world of the “Honey Bee,” sometimes spelled “Honeybee,” it might be helpful if we run through quickly some stats that you may, or may have not previously known about this sometimes, misunderstood flying insect.

Did you know there are 30,000 bees in each bee colony?

Did you know that each colony can hold up to 300lbs of honey?

Did you know that one colony of bees can pollinate 1 acre of fruit trees?

Did you know that a honey bee can fly up to 24 km in one day?

Did you know that each beehive has only one queen, a queen who can lay up to 2,000 eggs a day?

Did you know that every hive can hold up to 70,000 worker bees, and that’s a lot of workers?

Did you know that worker bees are all undeveloped females?

Last but not least, did you know it requires about 600 worker bees to gather a pound of honey?

Well, it goes to show that the average life of a “Honey Bee” is strewn with obstacles, it would seem at each turning point, a bit like it used to be for us humans before we had the luxury of being able to “shop online.”

Yes, the “Honey Bee” definitely, it would seem, has its own “social media platforms” and do, just like us, generate their revenue. In their case, of course, their currency is in honey. However, as for us humans, as we all know, our money is measured in cold hard-earned cash.

So moving on, online retail “Honey Beekeeping” generated a staggering $330 million between 2015 and 2016, and that is just within the North American mainland, so to quote the immortal “Jackie Gleeson” of honeymooner’s fame, “How Sweet It Is” and sweet it is among the many networks of “Online Retail Outlets,” especially if you are searching for an early “Online Christmas Deal” such as our hosts “BargainBrute” have all tucked away in one of the many warehouses they have spread throughout the United States, a practice which in turn helps them keep to their promise of only sourcing and selling products of high quality, and of course at the best price, I suppose you could compare BargainBrute.Com with a hive of sweet “Honey Bees” all of who have just one objective in life, to serve their online family of subscribers with the sweetest top quality deals to be found anywhere within today’s modern-day online community.

Authors note: Now may be a good time to add that although the honey bee world is of a fantastic size, the species, however, forms only a tiny part of the known 43 subspecies of the more than 43 discovered species, which amounts to about 20,000.

Now on with our story.

Living in the western hemisphere, we lodgers only get to know one of the above species of “Honey Bee,” so it is apt that we have called them the “Western Honey Bee or if you want to be a tad posh, in Latin, they are also known as, (Apis Mellifera) quite a mouthful, so I think we will stick with the “Western Honey Bee” or plain old “Honey Bee” for the rest of this short narrative.

Yes, with the above in mind, if you thought that the golden-colored “Honey Bee” just produced that adorable, sweet-tasting snack we humans like to layer onto our toast every morning, then you would be wrong, as the Honey Bee makes other handy products for us all as well.

Yes, if it were not for the honey bee, we humans would not have everyday things like “Soap,” “Candles,” “Lip balms,” and glosses, items we sometimes tend to take for granted, so remember you can if you wish, pop over to our hosts “BargainBrute” who have all the above products neatly tucked away in their “Farm and Ranch Supplies Category” or as they have so beautifully described it “your place for Ranch Bee Keeping” ready for you to take away.

For your ease, I have placed an example of the above below.

What about your very own “Framed Honey Extractor Manual Bee Keeping Crank Separator, which can be yours in red or silver and of course made in maintenance-free “Stainless Steel.”

Yes, this one kind two frame honey extractor comes with full instructions and of course, with BargainBrute’s famous best priced top online deal promise, a promise which is hard to find anywhere else, yours delivered directly to your home for the incredible bargain price of $173.87 after BargainBrutes one of a kind sweet discounts of 7.5%.

Yes, what else can I say? Why shop online in any other way when you can shop online the “BargainBrute Way,” the only way, yes join the thousands of others who have made BargainBrute their favorite place to shop online in 2020, after all, if you are looking for sweet online shopping deals or maybe to help grow your colony of “Honey Bees” what better option is there but the “BargainBrute Way, the American Way” the online way.

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