The Health Benefits of Being Vegan

The practice of being a vegan is often thought to be a newly evolved practice. However, in reality, it can be traced all the way back to the Bronze Age within the Indus Valley Civilizations situated in the northwestern regions of South Asia. It would take many centuries for this form of Vegetarianism to gain popularity, mainly in early 19th-century England.  Today, scientists and doctors alike have proved that being Vegan can have significant health benefits.  Many outlandish claims were made about its life-saving properties, some so outrageous that many Vegans began to fall off the wagon, so to speak.

One British doctor, William Lambe, claimed that his vegetable and water diet could cure everything from acne to tuberculosis. It was not until the 1830’s when a meatless diet and recipes made up of main vegetables, fruit, water, and a strange bread made out of stoneground flour designed by Sylvester Graham that full-blown Vegan communities as we know them today sprang up in Massachusetts.

Flash forward to today, and indeed it has been found by many leading authorities in America, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom ( a full list can be found at the end of this article) that a well planned and organized vegan diet will have a considerable positive effect on all stages of life.  This is including infancy and pregnancy. However, one group, the society for Nutrition in Germany, does not recommend a vegan diet for pregnant women, children, adolescents, or breastfeeding infants.

What are these health benefits, and where do I get vegan products to enjoy a more healthy lifestyle?

Preliminary clinical research on vegan diets indicates that vegan diets can lower the risk of many illnesses found in the modern lifestyle most of us have today.  These benefits include type 2 diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

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Fifty years ago, at 02:56 UTC, on the 22nd of July, Neil Armstrong became the first human to set foot on the moon. However, very few people knew that Armstrong nearly never made it to the moon. The lunar landing test vehicle he was using to train for the Appolo11 mission malfunctioned, forcing him to eject shortly before the training module slammed into the ground. If he had not been able to eject, he would have most certainly faced death.

Thank you for reading today’s mini featurette. Now back to our main article. “The Health Benefits of Being Vegan.”

Vegan Organic Gardening

So popular have vegan diets become that there is even a specialized way of ensuring that the foods you eat are grown in a vegan-friendly organic cultivation procedure.  When they say vegan-friendly, they mean just that. Absolutely no crops can be produced if, by doing so, you have harmed or exploited any animal in the process of cultivating your plants.

Developed initially by Rosa Dalziell O’Brien, Kenneth Dalziel O’Brien, and Mary E. Bruce, the veganic gardening method follows strict fertilization and cultivating procedures. These include adding vegetable waste that has been taken directly from within your own garden boundaries, then covering them with straw to aid propagation. The would-be gardener is also instructed to kneel when cultivating his crops, ensuring that he kneels on a kneeling board to spread the weight of his structure in order not to flatten the ground. Please, believe me, I am not making this stuff up.

Climate Friendly Vegan Gardening

Some pure vegans have even found a way while working in the garden to help lower greenhouse emissions, thus helping global warming caused by climate change. They do this by encouraging the absorption rate of carbon dioxide in soils and plants. They also tend to utilize a raised garden technique and only add materials to their garden, which have been gathered from non-bio hazardous areas. Plus, like any good farmer, they will always use a rotating system to reduce soil decay.

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