shameful scams against the elderly

Shameful scams against the elderly

As a family-run business, BargainBrute.Com, America’s favorite place to shop online, has always been committed to the fundamental rights of all, so when we come across something which does not sit well with us, we always attempt to bring it to everyone’s attention.

Today we highlight some of the shameful acts committed by con artists against the very people who made this country of ours great, the elderly of America.

While we will do our best to amplify this horrid practice, if you feel we have missed something, feel free to contact us by clicking on the “contact us tab​” to be found on our page menu at the top of the page

I hate all scams, especially those set up to rip off our sick, young, or elderly. For me, there can be no punishment great enough to make up for the immense cost and worry some of these so-called men or women of substance have put our senior citizens through. Perhaps after reading this, you, the reader, can help me out.

After reading an excellent article written by Miriam Cross, an Associate Editor working at Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, I first got the idea for writing this short narrative.

While reading her beautiful insights, I found myself transported back many years when, while visiting an elderly aunt who was suffering from the early onslaught of dementia (anyone who has witnessed a loved one going through this horrid, terrifying disease will vouch for the fact that it is indeed terrible to behold) anyway on with our story.

On entering her tiny kitchen, I could see her sitting hunched over the kitchen table, trembling and sobbing with grief. She had a little brown envelope in her trembling hands that contained what looked like an official-looking note. Once I had made myself known, she offered me the letter to read.

It was a letter from an apparent national evangelical church (which I will refrain from naming) informing her that they had not received their monthly subscription from her.

The short letter went onto say that God would take a very dim view as to her failings before going onto say that they would evaluate the conditions she would need to comply with before standing any chance of entering heaven through the pearly gates.

The note ended by informing her that she had just seven days to pay the outstanding amount.

Authors note: Unfortunately, the poor woman died just two days later.

The worst thing about the above example is that these types of scams continue even today. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, some of us unintentionally help these crooks by sweeping any knowledge of their existence under the carpet.

Below are just a couple more of these hideous crimes.

Phishing scams set up primarily to entrap the elderly are rife as, unfortunately, through no fault of their own, they make easy targets.

Official-looking emails, which for all purposes look like they originated from government offices, especially the IRS, are a standard ploy of some phishing gangs. Some even threaten arrest over unpaid taxes unless the victim sends by return email, confidential information which will make it easy for them to steal an individual’s identity.

I recently spoke to a little old lady who, after losing her husband, was contacted by a phishing company who had read about her husband’s demise in a local newspaper. Once they had finished with her, they had emptied her bank account, leaving her almost destitute.

How did they do this? Simply by enrolling her in a non-existent retirement home database which would ensure that when she was ready to move into a retirement home, one would be available to her, of course, to be entered into this non-existent data based the crooks required her date of birth, social insurance number, her maiden name and of course her bank details, all of which, being the trusting individual she was, she gave without a second thought.

Younger people may wonder why someone would even contemplate parting with this sort of information; however, if you are one of these, it may well be worth remembering that some of these older people are very lonely, and have over time, become exceptionally socially isolated.

Others, moreover, are displaying the beginnings of cognitive decline. With our population ever-aging, more and more of our older people will, it is pretty straightforward, fall victim to what has become a despicable ageless crime.

How far will these dregs of society sink to get money out of our elders? One horrific example of their evil behavior can be seen in the following example as far as they need.

The internet is awash with details of our personal life. If you do not believe this, go on “Facebook” or, for that matter, any other social media platform and do a quick search.

Once inside “Facebook,” it is then simple to glean whatever info you like. A single named picture of a grandchild standing in his or her school playground is all a fraudster requires. He already has your name. Nine times out of ten, they know where you live as they have seen this on your profile. From then on, it is easy for them.

Armed with this info, the trickster will then contact you, pretending to be one of your grandchildren and are in trouble. They will tell you anything, just as long as they get you emotionally entrapped.

Their story usually ends with a request for money to be sent to them via PayPal or other cashing facilities.

If you should receive such a call, our advice is to hang up and call your real grandchild and check to see if it was him or her calling.

The above remedy does seem simple. However, for some unsuspecting, already socially isolated people, the thought of just checking out the story before parting with their money sometimes never crosses their mind, thus making this horrid example one of the most used tricks utilized by phishing gangs. 

Unfortunately, I am sad to say there are many others, too many for this short narrative, so please keep an eye on the people who made this country what it is today and help them live in peace and safety.

Well, folks, that is the end of this short narrative, and I thank you all for taking the time to read it. It is most appreciated.

So, on behalf of the Vandergraph family and every employee at Bargainbrute.com, together, we thank you for shopping with us. See you all tomorrow at America’s favorite place to shop online BargainBrute.Com

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