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  • 10 Inch – 10 Memory Foam Mattress, Innerspring Hybrid & Cooling Gel Infused Memory Foam

Our hybrid foam mattress is formed from the use of individual pocket springs and memory foam.These two elements form a symbiosis. The memory foam snugly reacts to your body shape providing contoured support, while the coiled innerspring’s give that medium firmness, promoting vertebrae and skeletal health. With the individual pocket springs as a base for firmness, it then uses cooling gel-infused memory foam. As science shows us a cooler temperature is optimal for enhancing sleep, especially restorative sleep.¬†The memory foam/gel foam helps to regulate optimal body temperature more efficiently.To achieve increased functionality and practicality, we used an extra soft yet durable quilted cover which is removable via a zip at the bottom of the mattress. This enables effortless cleaning. Simply put the quilted cover in the washing machine and then hang it to dry. It’s that fresh bedsheet feel times by two!¬†Every mattress comes conveniently compressed and packed in a box.No longer do you have to lift a heavy mattress up the stairs all the while navigating awkward household turns! Utilize the bed in a box technology. Simply unbox, unroll and the queen-size mattress does the rest. The mattress expands to its original shape within 72 hours, if not sooner.

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