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.30-06 OUTDOORS Crossbow Rope Cocker and Maintenance 3pc Kit

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The .30-06 Outdoors Crossbow Rope Cocker and Maintenance Kit makes it easier to cock and care for your crossbow. The Rope cocking system is rated to 900 pounds and includes handles for your comfort while you cock your crossbow. This kit also includes Crossbow Rail Snot and Little Snot Bow String Wax. Rail Snot is a crossbow rail lubricant that increases speed and prolongs the life of your crossbow string. Bow string wax serves to protect and extend bow string life and is a precise blend of wax, grease, and oil. These maintenance components are completely odorless and weather resistant. The rope cocker comes with plenty of BCY Leachline so that you can custom fit the device for your crossbow. This Crossbow Rope Cocker and Maintenance Kit includes all you need to use and maintain your crossbow for optimum performance on a hunt.
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