Popular Electronics and the World of Computers

Popular Electronics and the World of Computers

Good morning to you all. Once again, welcome to another short informational narrative made possible by our hosts BargainBrute.Com one of if not the largest online friendly internet retailer North America has to offer.

Today we intend to explore one of the giants in the world of good old printed text, a method of spreading online news that many of us might have forgotten in this modern-day online marketing world.

Now on with our story “Popular Electronics and the World of Computers

Popular Electronics first sprang onto an unsuspecting world back in October 1954, way before the advent of today’s modern high tech online world, and was the result of just one man’s dream of being able to bring to light and publicize his dream of becoming both a hobbyist and experimenter.

It did not take long for his hobby to become one of the world’s largest selling electronics magazines, spawning what would later become “TechnicaCuriosa.Com,” a modern-day online business which today is worth just over  $4 million and can be seen listed on “Google'” “WordPress,” “BuddyPress,” Cloudfare CDN,” “YouTube,” “jQuery Migrate,” and “Sectigo,” to mention a few.

It was not bad for a corporation that started as one man’s hobby and dream. Add to that, this softly spoken young man started in life way before any of us envisaged the modern-day online internet. We have something close to a modern-day miracle.

Yes, as mentioned above, it was a dream. It did not take long for the fledgling company to boast of having a monthly distribution of over 240,000 traditional magazine subscribers, all of who would continue to support the company throughout its existence up until December 1999, when it was decided by the magazine’s founder, “Ziff-Davies,” to launch the modern-day version we have now all become to love Popular Electronics.

Authors note: It has to be said that back in 1999, the magazine’s name and the trademark was sold to “Gernsback Publications,” replacing their well known “Hands-on Electronics Magazine,” resulting in what we see today as “Popular Electronics,” an online company who hosts other well known online magazines like the modern-day “Mechanix,” and “Popular Astronomy.”

The dream of just one man, mainly due to his hard work and tenacity, has now reached the modern-day social media platforms we have all grown to love today, so if you would like more information about this rather profound online distributor, you can find it by visiting the online community at www.TechnicaCuriosa.Com.

The Microsoft Connection

Many of us old-timers can remember the old days before the modern-day online social media world, I for one, left the military and was, I have to say, a bit naive. Yes, I had served my country just like thousands of others; however, I was not quite prepared for what was going to happen in the early days of January 1975. These were the days when, for the very first time, the average member of the public could afford a home computer, something unheard of just a few years before.

These days, Popular Electronics, just like other media magazines of the day, took the chance to develop a novel way to launch a new product; they created what today is not given a second look. They got together with what was then an upcoming but pretty non-de- plume, company which today generates over $120 billion in revenue, which in itself generated over $50 billion in operating cash, allowing them to give their many shareholders over an approximate $30 billion (2019 figures) in returns.

Of course, we are speaking about Microsoft and its founder Bill Gates who just happened to read the story I am relating to you all now. Yes, Bill Gates immediately fell under the spell of our online dreamer “Ziff-Davies,” who had a dream all those years ago. Nothing would stop our clever businessperson, and “Popular Electronics,” just like many other online companies, at last, joined today’s modern-day online media platforms.

From that day on, other mega giants of today’s online media and savvy online retailers started to spring up everywhere; yes, the day of online shopping had arrived, and online retailers began to show their wares across the worldwide web, and I include online retailers like our hosts BargainBrute.Com one of if not the only online retailer who still maintain good old fashion values while still offering its clients top quality products and of course at the best online price possible.

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