Online bargain shopping Canada

Online bargain shopping Canada

Hello from BargainBrute.com, recently voted America’s favorite place to shop online in 2020. We hope you enjoy this narrative in which we will travel north of the border up into Canada’s friendly country.

Upon our arrival, we will endeavor to show you the top online shopping sites based on our assessment of which sites give you value for money while retaining all their products’ quality.

Furthermore, as we travel through different online communities of this beautiful country, we will be on the lookout for online retail outlets that try to provide all of their clients with a fantastic shopping experience as we do here at BargainBrute.com.

So stay with us as we show you where you can shop online for beauty products, furniture, electronics, and much, much more.

Author’s note: We have not put any of these Canadian online shopping outlets in any particular order as we thought you, the online shopping community, might want to be the judge.

Once again, we would like to thank BargainBrute for promoting these Canadian online retail businesses, as it is not often that an online retailer will promote any other company than themselves. I guess that may explain just why BaraginBrute has become America’s number one online retailer, an accolade that I am sure they genuinely deserve.

I have to admit I now live up here in Canada with my French Canadian wife, so I am sorry if I may seem a bit biased at times. However, the bottom line I love to shop online, even though I worked for one of the largest property developers in the United Kingdom for many years. It was there, after directing shopping centers, that I picked up my love of retail, a love which I have carried through into my journalistic career.

Anyway, that is enough about me, so let us get on with our story, “online bargain shopping in Canada.”

The Canadian e-commerce platform is awash with good quality online bargain shops, and like the United States, prides itself for its well-founded high-quality online service packages. With over 33 million internet users, it has an exceptionally well-placed, targeted customer base. I have to say that they are confident in using both mobile devices and computers for all their online activities, including both services and goods.

So, who are these online retail outlets trading throughout Canada?

First up Newegg Canada: Newegg is an online retailer that specializes in software, computer hardware, and electronic devices. Founded back in 2001 in the United States, they expanded soon after into Canada.

After this successful expansion, Newegg received a significant investment from the Chinese Liaison company, allowing them to expand to become a worldwide online electronics retail outlet. They now boast that they have at least 3.5 million clients visiting the business every month.

Authors note: FORBES has estimated that Newegg is now worth close to 3 billion dollars, not bad for a company that has only been in business for nineteen years. My verdict was well worth a visit.

Next up Etsy Canada: Etsy Canada, based in Toronto and Brooklyn, New York, was founded in 2005 and now boasts at least 1240 employees who help promote and sell over sixty-six million products which generate at least five billion dollars every year.

Their mainline e-commerce product lineup tends to focus on both vintage and handmade items. However, now they sell almost anything, including clothing, home decor products, furniture, arts, toys. I could go on as they have many. These should be enough to whet your appetite.

Our verdict we would recommend going over and looking at their website, which they have set out quite simply for ease of access. Furthermore, we would also advise that you take a look at their affiliate program, a program where you can list a product to sell online yourself, at the cost of just twenty cents.

Next up Canadian Tire: If you live in Canada and own a car, you would have most definitely visited a Canadian Tire, either online or in one of their traditional brick and mortar outlets. Yes, they have grown so large that their website boasts a minimum of twenty-six million visits every month.

Specializing in car supplies and, of course, as their name implies, car tires. They have also branched out into a mirage of different products, including automotive hardware, work clothes, home products, toys, and even food products.

Whereas in the past, both their online retail presence and traditional brick and mortar presence were designed for the male, nowadays Canadian tire has marketed themselves so well that they are now visited by both the male gender and the female gender.

A strong indicator of just how successful Canadian tire has become in Canada is that they earned over 14 billion Canadian dollars in 2019 alone.

Our verdict is yes, is definitely worth going online and checking them out.

Next up: Well.ca: I would be remiss if I did not mention one of Canada’s newest online retailers Well.ca. An online retailer that specializes in green and natural products, plus beauty and baby products. They have come on exceptionally strong and have generated $26 million US this past year alone.

Our verdict: I was genuinely impressed after looking at their site and would recommend all to go over and take a visit, lovely to see a retailer taking on board our planet’s green future, just like our hosts BargainBrute have been doing for so many years.

Well, my friends, I do hope you enjoyed your visit to Canada, and I thank you for your time in reading this short narrative and look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

So on behalf of the Vandergraph extended family and all at Bargainbrute.com, we thank you for shopping with us today.