how to conduct yourself during an interview

How to Conduct Yourself During an Interview

The first thing an interviewee should realize is that the person or persons sitting across the table from you need you. They have advertised a position in their company because they need help. Maybe it’s because they have started a new line or are merely restructuring. Whatever the reason, the most essential person in the interview room, is you. When faced with a panel of interviewers, Sounds obvious, but many people tend to clam up and become not themselves. In some cases, many become just actors, something an experienced interviewer will spot immediately.

Remember, the company is looking to improve their company and have realized that they require new blood, fresh eyes, fresh ideas, and most of all, someone who will, when asked to, go that extra mile for them. They are not looking for clones of themselves.  

Now we have reminded ourselves of the importance of us. Let’s take a look at different ways to improve your chances of getting through the interview and possibly landing that life-changing opportunity. However, before we get into the nitty-gritty of this latest “BargainBrute Daily Ultimate How-To Narrative,” think about this little piece of advice my dear old dad gave me just as I was starting in the business community. I have to admit that I did not understand just what he meant, but after years working in both the private and public sectors, I now completely understand.

“It is better to fail to do something you love than to succeed in something you hate.”

Quite profound, but very real, and advice I have followed for many a year.

OK; You have had the call and know the day and time of your interview. What should you do immediately? Luckily nowadays, unlike when I first started many years ago, we have the “Worldwide Web” where would we be without it.

Today you can research not just the company but even some of the people who will likely be in that interview room with you.

Research, Research, Research, Research, I cannot stress the importance of researching the company you are hoping to be working for. Find out what their “mission statement is, how many employees they have, and if possible, just what your position within the company will entail. Now is the time to seriously sit down with yourself and mull over if you think this job is really what you want? If the answer to the question is in the affirmative, then complete your research. A quick look on the internet can, in some cases, reveal a bit of not only the people who will be interviewing you but everything you need to get to know your future employers, always handy before going into an interview.


Word of warning, do not come across as a stalker or become too personal. Yes, although you have researched their social network pages like “Linkedin,” “Facebook,” etc., only discuss this information with them if directed to do so.


Be ready to answer questions that interviewers commonly ask. Why do you want to work for the company is often a favorite, be careful you have done your homework on them but do not ramble on as if you are reciting a list. Instead, keep it brief, but at the same time, as detailed as possible, two items are as far as you need to go.


You could be asked if you have any weaknesses. We all have them, including your interviewers. They are just testing your honesty. Just pick a weakness that will really not impact the position you are applying for, and although working within a team is essential for any modern-day company do not just come out and say “I am a Team Player,” instead let them know that you are sure you can contribute to what is already a very successful team.


Once you have told them of the above, make sure you provide them with some concrete evidence of past team associations while at the same time ensuring that your proof applies to the position you are applying for.


Some do’s and don’t’s: Obviously, dress well. You do not have to put on a tuxedo, but make sure you look smart. I have stopped interviewing someone when he or she has looked at their watch. Rule of thumb put the watch in your pocket, and worse still, make sure your cell phone is off and hidden away along with the timepiece.


OK, folks, we have covered the comportment part of acing an interview. Come back to BargainBrute.Com America’s favorite place to shop online tomorrow when we will cover the actual individual tasks you may encounter when attending an interview.



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