Health Benefits of Drinking Tea

Tea, its health benefits, and its history

The humble cup of tea is more than just a drink but a way of life. This remarkable, uplifting beverage has been called the savior of both men and women throughout the globe, bringing comfort after losing a loved one, a pick-me-up when you feel down, or used merely as a sign of friendship.

Can tea improve your health? Yes, it can and has been used by health givers as a medicinal treatment for thousands of years.

Our journey to discover how tea can help a person’s health begins in the late 3rd century AD in Southwest China during the Chinese Tang Dynasty. It was here that an elderly Chinese physician named Hua Tuo once lived, and it was here that the first credible instance of someone drinking tea occurred before spreading to other East Asian countries.

Hua Tuo, it is said, mastered his therapies after watching Buddhist monks’ attempts to cure members of their rural congregations. He also became known for his habit of “decoction,” which involved the use of boiling Cannabis powder along with a hefty dose of red wine. This method of treatment would often leave his patients in an anesthetic state. However, once awake, most patients would appear to be cured, although in a somewhat befuddled state, if not a little drunk and befuddled.

So much was the effect of this concoction that he realized it could be used as an aesthetic, enabling him to operate on patients; as a result, he would later be credited with being the first person to use an anesthetic while operating. This brought “Hua Tuo” much fame and was, from that day on, a household name throughout China. All it would seem wanted the same thing, including the Chinese Emperor; they wanted “Hua Tuo” to become their physician.

“Hua Tuo” remained famous for many years. However, when he grew older, the old doctor became tired of all the fuss thrust upon him and became somewhat of a recluse, spending much of his time reading and drinking tea. While living in his mountainside retreat, our now elderly doctor realized that he had become so relaxed that it seemed nothing could bother him, a state of mind that would remain with him for the rest of his life.

We now know that “Hua Tuo” had accidentally discovered that tea contains “antioxidants” called flavonoids. These properties can be used to oil the joints and even uplift the spirits of anyone suffering from melancholy or depression. After seeing how tea had motivated his heart, Hua Tuo would go on to treat his many friends, and of course, this would once again thrust our elderly doctor back into the limelight once more.

Unfortunately, after the successes “Hua Tuo” had with tea, it would take until the 16th century when tea finally made the trip to Europe, thanks to Portuguese priests and merchants. Thanks to the British hierarchy, drinking among the general population became fashionable.

After tea became popular with the general population, the powers to be started large-scale production of Hua Tuo’s magical concoction we now know as tea. Today, both China and India now supply 62% of the world’s market tea.

Potential Health Benefits of Tea

Apart from being a pleasurable beverage, tea also has many health benefits, mainly due to the many antibacterial agents contained in its makeup. Antibacterial elements in tea act as an antimicrobial agent that kills many deadly microorganisms or stops them from growing. They also kill many bacteria and fungi hiding within a human’s body that would if left unchecked, take over individual cells, which cause cancer and other disformities within an unsuspecting person.

Tea also may help fight against heart disease and clogged arteries due to the high levels of flavonoids known as “ECGC” hidden within its makeup. Tea can also treat cancer, diabetes, lower cholesterol, and even help aid in the battle to lose weight. Furthermore, regular consumption of green tea (at least 4 cups a day) reduces the chances of having a stroke by 35%. However, it has to be said. If you drink 4 cups of green tea a day, you will regularly go to the little boy’s room.

Have any problems with pollen? Then drink white tea as the Antioxidants within this magic concoction will oil those aching joints and help in your daily fight against most types of pollen.

Why not have a “Moringa Tea” cup with your cornflakes in the morning. It has more calcium than a full glass of milk, is packed full of iron, and vitamin A, which will help those old creaky bones get stronger with every passing day. Yes, tea has so many good things in it. It’s hard to understand why we have not been told of this before, and we’re even informed that it is suitable for our smile as it does not erode our tooth enamel or create cavities, something that coffee does.

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