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When I am working with a group or individual I usually do take them through a progression of 3 books. I would have them read each independently before letting them know what the next book is 😊. In this case, I will just tell you the three books. However, I recommend you read each in order. The first, I will suggest you read every day. It contains a secret. The second I will suggest you actually write out, copying the book word for word on paper. The third book is something that supports the process of increasing awareness and thinking BIG. Each of the books I will recommend having a “books on tape-recorded version”, but there is no magic in those versions. I have never met anyone who gained the value I am promising by listening to the word. The only ones I know of who found the secret and progressed are the ones who have actually read the word.


Book #1: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

This book is dry, and informative, and it contains a secret. If you find the secret you can have anything you want in your lifetime. Myself, my wife, and both of my daughters carry a copy of this book everywhere we go. We read a bit or a lot every day. The key is to keep feeding the mind with the ideas contained therein. This book results from one man’s conversations with 500 of the wealthiest families ever to exist on planet Earth. I am thinking that based on his experiences he might just know something most do not. You see 97% of all the money there is to be made, is earned by 3% of the population. The secret the 3% know is in this book. Find the secret, and it’s not just good for money. Many of the names the public attribute success to all mention this book as a factor of change that garnered them more value than any other investment. The only investment being referred to here is time.


Book #2: As a Man Thinketh by James Allen

This book presents the main premise of success. You are what you think, and what you allow to go into your mind controls what you think. Understanding this one concept and putting it into practice will change things for you faster than anything; however, to make this change permanent requires constant work and observation. This book was written some time ago and presents many aspects of moral character from that time period. See your way past that fact if you can. It is hard to get this type of understanding in today’s world, which is why it is harder than ever for many to see themselves in an ideal life. One example I always point out is, “Ever wonder why wealthy people listen to classical music? There are no words, and extremely successful people monitor at all times what goes into their minds.” Every person I work with makes a written copy of this book. Boy if you read something and write it down then you have taken a powerful step.


Book #3: You2 or You Squared by Price Prichett

This is a newer book that will help you expand your thinking and get you to think bigger. “Two people walk into a car dealership. One is there to buy a car, and the other is to buy the dealership. If they both leave with what they were seeking, their lives will differ.” I always tell people to act as if they are there to buy the company. Do that every day and you will in fact own the company. It can be no other way.

This is just part of the process I use to help others when they ask, but these are the three books I always recommend.

Kindest Regards,

Douglas Vandergraph