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Cheap Bargains

Welcome to you all for another short BargainBrute.com short informational narrative, in which today we are going to attempt something completely different.

Usually, when talking about “Cheap Bargains,” our thoughts immediately jump toward online or traditional retail shopping outlets.

However, as mentioned above, today we will do something completely different. We are going off the well-trodden track to visit some of the most spectacular hidden away tourist attractions. Some of which you probably may not have ever heard of before.

Why have you never heard of them? Simply because some are somewhat off the regular touristy beauty spots. However, I can assure you that as long as we do not get lost, they are all spectacular and worth a visit, even if it means driving that extra couple of miles.

So come with me as we explore the unknown frontier, towns, and cities of the old American West.

Seaside, Oregon: If you haven’t yet experienced the coastlines of the Pacific Northwest, you’re in for a real treat. Once you’re done exploring the beaches, head north to Oregon’s idyllic small town of Seaside.

As numerous people consider, yes, “Seaside” is the place to see. As locals will say, the Oregon coast’s capital is full of small but markedly walkable and even kayak-able tracks and streams. With rentable businesses all the rage in this small but translucent vacation spot, you can only have a time that you will remember for the rest of your lives.

The beach well, what can be said about the famous “Seaside” beach? A beach bordered on one side with its famous giant surf breaks and, on the other, the promenade. Built way back in the 1920s, when the gents and ladies of the time used to promenade up and down the boardwalk just after teatime. A very British pastime handed down from the first settlers who waded ashore so many years ago.

Authors note: The word “Promenade” comes from the old English name of the same, which means to parade in your finest clothing after tea. A tradition which, until the mid-1970s, was still all the rage in numerous parts of the world, although by the end of the 19th century, it was not tea they were drinking but rum or gin.

If you have enough breath left in you after your walk up and down the promenade, you can wind your way up the “Tillamook Head National Recreation trail.” At the top, you find yourself in the “Ecola State Park,” a stunning wooded area with views stretching as far as the horizon and what views they are. Eagles are swooping along the “Necanicum estuary,” were under them the migrating grey whales surface to take in huge gulps of rich sea air. It was hard to get up to this vantage point, but it will be harder to wrench your way back down from the place, but down we must go to visit the last item on our list.

The vast tanks house the aquarium. I can guarantee an aquarium full of seals and extraordinary aquatic life, which I can guarantee you perhaps have never seen before.

Although off the beaten track, yes, let no one say that ” Seaside ” little town is anything but dull. It is, in fact, perhaps one of, if not the most beautiful places on the North American mainland.

Garden of the Gods, Colorado

This National Natural Landmark, situated in central Colorado, does not have the same nationwide appreciation as “Rocky Mountain National Park” has. Still, some would say this is a good thing as it is just because of this secluded nature that turns this magical place into a national gem.

When you arrive, you cannot mistake its majestic stature with its towering 300-foot sandstone rocks standing as if guarding dense green evergreen forests below. All, it seems, attempting to stretch to the skies wherein the distance, the snow-capped mountain peaks act as a curtain blocking out the rest of the world. While at the same time enticing the wander down into the lush forests to explore the hidden monuments, monuments apparent testaments to the lives of the forefathers who once called this place home.

Authors note: This whole area, including the “Garden of the Gods,” was first named “Red Rock Coral” by the first Europeans who first set foot in the place, but when two surveyors arrived in 1859 with instructions to set out to the city of Colorado, one of them I think British, sat down on one of the hard sandstone rocks and said to the other, “You know what a great place to have a beer garden.” The other, however, not impressed, yelled, “Beer Garden, this place is too beautiful to have a beer garden in it, so I will call it “Garden of the Gods,” and that is what it has been known as ever since, yet one more bit of trivia ready for the pub quiz.

The gorgeous Byodo-in Temple: Situated in the Valley of the Temples Memorial Park, Hawaii, this place has to be seen to believe. That is how much its beauty strikes. Awe-inspiring immediately comes to mind.

Established in 1968 to commemorate 100 years of Japanese settlement, the temple was built among the lush green grasses encircle the mountains. When I last visited it, I was still in the British military, and I have to say when we stumbled across this monument, and we did stumble across it, as in those days, the trees of the forest had a stranglehold on it, we just sat in awe. It was not expected, and four big rough, and tough marines, I included, just immediately sank to our knees, not to pray but incomplete astonishment. It was one of those things, I guess, one of those fantastic things, which you will never forget. With that, we have come to the end of our short narrative.