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  • #1 Select Estrus 1oz
  • #1 Select Estrus 1oz
    SKU: 4544

    This strong sexual attractant has natural doe in estrus urine drippings. Attracts rutting bucks.

  • $10.44

  • * Atsko Pro-Tech Skin Cream 3.5 oz.
  • * Atsko Pro-tech Skin Cream 3.5 Oz.
    SKU: 66360

    Uses natural, unbleached beeswax to protect skin from dehydration, washing, and friction. For use on your dry, red, raw, chapped, cracked, blistered, or callused hands and feet.

  • $11.36

  • * Atsko Silicone Water-Guard 4 oz.
  • * Atsko Silicone Water-guard 4 Oz.
    SKU: 66341

    Suitable for outerwear, footwear, tents, sleeping bags, and suede.Specially formulated to apply maximum repellency in a single application. It restores factory waterproofing but still allows materials to breathe. It repels water and stains. Dries in 24 hours and will be odorless and fully cured in 24 hours.

  • $8.16

  • * Atsko Sno-Seal Wax 8 oz.
  • * Atsko Sno-seal Wax 8 Oz.
    SKU: 4605KY

    Prevents water from penetrating leather. Lubricates and conditions without softening and lengthens the life of leather. Bees wax Formula. 8 fl. oz. jar.

  • $9.58

  • * Bone View Ozone Scent Eliminator
  • * Bone View Ozone Scent Eliminator
    SKU: 86426

    BoneView Electronic Scent Elimination technology removes all odors from your hunting clothing and gear, without the hassle of scent killer sprays, cover scents, laundry soaps or carbon-lined clothing. The BoneView Scent Eliminator produces the proper level of Ozone to kill and remove odor causing particles like bacteria, sweat, human odors, oils, VOCs and smoke. The BoneView Electronic Scent Eliminator was designed to be confined in inside gear bags and totes, where it can effectively remove sce...

  • $41.07
    $39.59 3.60% Discount

    You save: $1.48

  • * Buck Bomb Xtrus-Certified Doe Estrus Scent 6.65oz
  • * Buck Bomb Xtrus-certified Doe Estrus Scent 6.65oz
    SKU: 200007

    The Xtrus aerosol bomb delivers a dose of biologically enhanced and certified estrus doe urine that contains up to (5) times the estrogen levels found in wild does during peak rut.Each batch is lab tested and certified for estrogen levels before going into a "bomb".

  • $16.61

  • * Buckbomb Synthetic Buc Rut
  • * Buckbomb Synthetic Buc Rut
    SKU: 11707

    Buck Bomb has developed a line of synthetic Doe-in-estrus and Dominant buck scent bombs.They are for use in states and regions that do not allow the use of natural urine based scents.6.65 oz.

  • $14.01

  • * Buckbomb Synthetic Doe In Estrus
  • * Buckbomb Synthetic Doe In Estrus
    SKU: 11706

    Buck Bomb has developed a line of synthetic Doe-in-estrus and Dominant buck scent bombs.They are for use in states and regions that do not allow the use of natural urine based scents.6.65 oz.

  • $14.01

  • * Code Blue PST Whitetail Estrus Aerosol
  • * Code Blue Pst Whitetail Estrus Aerosol
    SKU: 1120

    Pressure Sensitive Tab allows you to control the release of scent in (2) ways. Create a scent trail to your stand, or freshen your hunting site without leaving your tree with the spray-on-demand feature. Contains 100% natural urine. 2 oz.

  • $13.00

  • * Conquest EverCalm Bomb
  • * Conquest Evercalm Bomb
    SKU: 1201795

    Strong, natural cover scent for the whitetail deer hunter. Contains all the scents and smells that whitetail deer produce while in their bedding area. 6.5 oz aerosol.

  • $25.99
    $19.99 23.09% Discount

    You save: $6.00

  • * Hoppes Bottle #9 Solvent 5oz
  • * Hoppes Bottle #9 Solvent 5oz
    SKU: 1603

    The most widely used remover of powder, lead and metal fouling & rust. Formula penetrates deep and rapidly. Ultra potent, safe and ready-to-use. ORMD - Ground service only. Can not ship outside the United States.

  • $9.91

  • * HS Scent-A-Way Max Fresh Earth Laundry Detergent 32oz
  • * Hs Scent-a-way Max Fresh Earth Laundry Detergent 32oz
    SKU: 07921

    Ultra concentrated with Clean Rinse and Stain Guard to help prevent re-depositing of dirt.Cleans in all temperatures with Camo Guard for color and pattern retention.No UV brightness.Uses 1/2 oz for front loading or 1 oz for top loading machines.HE compatible.

  • $14.73

  • * Hunters Specialty Bear Bomb Anise Oil 6.65 oz. Aerosol
  • * Hunters Specialty Bear Bomb Anise Oil 6.65 Oz. Aerosol
    SKU: 1501146

    With Bear Bomb AniseOil, you can appeal to a bear’s appetite even if baiting isn’t allowed whereyou hunt. Sincethis attractant spray has no nutritional value, it isn’t consideredbait. That beingsaid, its enticing black-licorice scent is also an irresistible complimentto bait sites and equally effective when stalking.The simpleconvenience of Bear Bomb Anise Oil means the end of fumbling with messyscrew-top bottles of attractant scent.Thanks to theBear Bomb’s NVERTR 180-degree ball valv...

  • $13.27

  • * Scorpion Poly Bowstring Fluid
  • * Scorpion Poly Bowstring Fluid
    SKU: 4307

    This product enhances string performance and helps prevent frayed appearance of string fibers. Works right down to the bundled core to lubricate and protect the fibers. Your string will look new and wet. This bowstring fluid maintains its supple characteristics in any climate/temperature conditions. Apply to all areas of the bowstring that DO NOT MAKE CONTACT with the bow or its parts.

  • $12.83

  • * Silicone Water Guard 10.5 oz. Aerosol Can
  • * Silicone Water Guard 10.5 Oz. Aerosol Can
    SKU: 9249

    Heavy duty water repellent for fabric and suede. Restores and replaces factory waterproofing. Works on silicone-impregnated leather boots. Also works on suede, brushed leather, and textiles. Allows materials to breathe. Resists salt stains. Contains no chlorinated solvents or propellants in the aerosol (uses environmentally-safe CO2 instead.) Dauber jar for boots dries in 24 hours and is fully cured in 72 hours. Dauber for arrows prevents water from changing the weight and flight of ar...

  • $10.20

  • * SNO Seal Wax 3.5 fl oz Tube
  • * Sno Seal Wax 3.5 Fl Oz Tube
    SKU: 9248

    Protects leather from rain, sun, snow and salt. Keeps feet dry all day. Waterproofs, preserves and restores leather. Allows leather to breathe. Will not damage seams. Long-lasting.

  • $8.95


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