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  • OMP Stick-It Hot Melt Glue
  • Omp Stick-it Hot Melt Glue
    SKU: 32087

    Soft, low temp, premium quality hot melt creates a removable, flexible bond for points and inserts. 5" stick.

  • $7.72

  • Easton Hot Melt 1/2 Diameter 3"
  • Easton Hot Melt 1/2 Diameter 3"
    SKU: 9040

    Durable, impact resistant bond. Easton recommended adhesive for insert and point installation in Aluminum and A/C arrows. Low-temperature hot melt. 1/2" in diameter. 1 per clamshell package.

  • $7.77

  • Ferr-L-Tite Cool Flex 12 gram
  • Ferr-l-tite Cool Flex 12 Gram
    SKU: 1308

    Low-temp hot melt for carbon shafts. Instant full strength set-up in cold water. A super strong, low melt temperature adhesive specifically formulated for carbon arrows. Easy to apply. Heat reversible. 12 gram stick will do approximately 144 inserts.

  • $9.04

  • * Fletch-Tite Platinum 3/4 Tube
  • * Fletch-tite Platinum 3/4 Tube
    SKU: 1301

    Chemically engineered for every type of shaft available today. Ex: Wood, aluminum, and carbon.

  • $9.36

  • Tip Jam Tip Thread Bond
  • Tip Jam Tip Thread Bond
    SKU: 810820

    Non-permanent thread bond.Fills negative space between insert threads and points threads.Lightweight & odorless.Eliminates tips vibrating loose.

  • $10.36

  • * AAE Fast Set Gel 3-Gram Tube
  • * Aae Fast Set Gel 3-gram Tube
    SKU: 2059

    A cyanoacrylate adhesive designed to be used with Elite Plastifletch. This adhesive bonds vanes to shaft instantly, creating a permanent bond that can only be removed by cutting. Excellent for gluing nocks to both aluminum and carbon shafts. Refrigeration is recommended to extend shelf life.

  • $10.37

  • Gateway Feather Pruf .25oz
  • Gateway Feather Pruf .25oz
    SKU: 2509

    Feather Pruf is an almost weightless, odorless waterproofing powder that will not affect arrow flight at all. When applied, feathers look and feel completely natural and are protected from rain, sleet and snow under the worst possible conditions.

  • $10.65

  • * Saunders NPV Cement 1oz
  • * Saunders Npv Cement 1oz
    SKU: 1118

    Bonds fletching and nocks onto wood, glass and aluminum shafts. Waterproof, high strength, fast setting bond. Excellent for carbon shafts.

  • $11.11

  • * Goat Tuff GLue 7gm Bottle
  • * Goat Tuff Glue 7gm Bottle
    SKU: 6889

    Bonds on carbon, aluminum and wood shafts. Bonds vanes, feathers, nocks and inserts. Bonds fast and strong. General repairs around the home. Most reliable and longest shelf life. Purest cyanoacrylate available.

  • $11.42

  • * Goat Tuff High Performance Glue 7 gram Bottle
  • * Goat Tuff High Performance Glue 7 Gram Bottle
    SKU: T021

    Formulated to cover: shafts, vanes, feathers, nocks, and inserts. Bonds fast and strong. Bonds on carbon, aluminum, and wood shafts. General repairs around the home. Most reliable and longest shelf life. Purest cyanoacrylate available. User friendly viscosity.

  • $11.42

  • Hot Melt Shop Stick 15"
  • Hot Melt Shop Stick 15"
    SKU: HM40

    This hot melt is specially formulated to withstand high impacts without fracturing bond. Bonds inserts, nock adaptors bushings, and broadheads. For use on aluminum, carbon and wood shafts.

  • $11.49

  • * Repair ALL 2oz Flexible Adhesive Repair Kit
  • * Repair All 2oz Flexible Adhesive Repair Kit
    SKU: A13393

    Clear. Non-flammable.Cleans up with soap and water.Extremely flexible.Waterproof repair.Adheres to most surfaces.After curing, Repair-All maintains strength and flexibility from -40° to +150°F.2 oz.

  • $12.00

  • * Bob Smith IC-Gen Glue 20 gm.
  • * Bob Smith Ic-gen Glue 20 Gm.
    SKU: 78144

    IC-GEL is a cyanoacrylate paste that is extremely thick which comes in an applicator tube like toothpaste. It has the same bonding and curing time characteristics as MAXI-CURE.

  • $12.63

  • * Fletch Weld Instant Glue 1/2 oz.
  • * Fletch Weld Instant Glue 1/2 Oz.
    SKU: 00012

    Quick bonding agent. Max 15 sec bond time. Water resistant. Great for carbon & aluminum shaft. Works great on vanes or feathers. 1/2 oz.

  • $12.71

  • * Beyond Bond Glue 1/2 oz.
  • * Beyond Bond Glue 1/2 Oz.
    SKU: 63001

    Extra thick so it won't run onto your fletching jigs. Perfect for carbon or aluminum arrows, inserts and nocks. Incredibly strong high–tech glue reduces arrow build time when used with Beyond Bond Accelerator.

  • $12.83

  • * Goat Tuff Debonder 1oz Bottle
  • * Goat Tuff Debonder 1oz Bottle
    SKU: 6891

    Removes old glue from carbon and aluminum shafts without damage.Clean up spills and mistakes with ease.Fast safe removal of glue from skin.

  • $12.83


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