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  • * Code Blue PST Whitetail Estrus Aerosol
  • * Code Blue Pst Whitetail Estrus Aerosol
    SKU: 1120

    PST'S Pressure Sensitive Tab allows you to control the release of scent. Create a scent trail to your stand, or freshen your hunting site with the spray-on-demand feature which locks the tab which allows the entire can to empty. 2 FL. ozs., Each bottle of PST contains 100% natural urine.

  • $13.00

  • Active Scrape 4oz
  • Active Scrape 4oz
    SKU: 2494

    Active scrape scent is made from the combined smells of buck in rut and doe in heat urines. Most effective when used with the #8601 Ultimate Scrape Dripper. 1 oz. bottle or 4 oz bottle.

  • $14.33

  • Code Blue 100% Tarsal Gland
  • Code Blue 100% Tarsal Gland
    SKU: 5542

    Tarsal Glands secrete a fatty substance thatdeer use to identify other deer and learndominant status. Every bottle is certifiedas the "genuine article" by an independentorganization and marked with the deer'sregistration number. Excellent for use duringthe rut as a 'territorial infringement.'

  • $13.74

  • Code Blue Buck Urine
  • Code Blue Buck Urine
    SKU: 5543

    Buck Urine taken from a single animal for"true-to-life" effectiveness. Every 1-ouncebottle is certified as the "genuine article" byan independent organization and markedwith the deer's registration number.

  • $13.05

  • Code Blue Doe Estrus
  • Code Blue Doe Estrus
    SKU: 5541

    Doe Estrus urine taken from a single doein heat for "true-to-life" effectiveness. Every1-ounce bottle is certified as the "genuinearticle" by an independent organizationand marked with the deer's registrationnumber.

  • $13.35

  • Code Blue Double Drag System
  • Code Blue Double Drag System
    SKU: 1067

    The Double Drag System is a rugged, highly absorbent drag for midseason. Saturate the shorter drag with estrus lure and saturate the other, longer drag with Buck urine and your simulating a buck trailing a hot doe.

  • $10.80

  • Code Blue Double Drag System
  • Code Blue Double Drag System
    SKU: 1074

    Create a convincing scent trail leading deerright to your stand. The double drag comboallows you to easily simulate the scent ofa buck trailing a "hot" doe. Create a scenttrail by dragging the double rags to yourhunting stand. Hang the drag nearby as apowerful scent dispenser

  • $21.14

  • Code Blue Estrus Urine Gel
  • Code Blue Estrus Urine Gel
    SKU: 7798

    Collected by the same patented process asCode blue Doe Estrous, the gel form is thebest all weather scent because gel won'treadily evaporate, freeze or wash awayas quickly as liquid. The special applicatoris built-in the bottle's lid allows hunters todispense scent without contaminating itwith human...

  • $13.51

  • Code Blue Scrape Mate
  • Code Blue Scrape Mate
    SKU: 1142

    Buck urine collected from a single buck and intensified with natural gland secretions. This unique product increases and promotes activity on mock scrapes or primary scrapes.

  • $13.61

  • Code Blue Screamin Heat Enhanced Estrus
  • Code Blue Screamin Heat Enhanced Estrus
    SKU: 1169

    100% pure estrus specially enhanced with all natural female secretions. Patented collection process ensures every bottle is pure, premium, fresh, and most importantly, from an individual doe in estrus.

  • $15.77

  • Code Blue Sow in Heat Urine
  • Code Blue Sow In Heat Urine
    SKU: 1094

    Just like boar urine, Sow In Heat is guaranteed "one hog to one bottle" making it the most premium and most effective hog urine on the market. A boar's desire to breed is just as strong as his desire to fight. Sow In Heat delivers a clear message to raging boars that an individual sow is ready to br...

  • $13.16

  • Code Blue Tarsal Gel 2 oz.
  • Code Blue Tarsal Gel 2 Oz.
    SKU: 7809

    Code Blue Gland Gel is stronger and remainspotent longer than any other tarsalproduct - even in wet conditions. TarsalGland Gel draws a strong response frombucks, and because it's a gel, works allday long so hunters can stay in the standlonger.

  • $14.09

  • Code Red Buck-n-Does Combo
  • Code Red Buck-n-does Combo
    SKU: 1177

    Serious hunters looking for the edge in attracting bucks before, during and after the rut will appreciate this combo from Code Blue. Guaranteed pure and fresh, these 3 scents will help you harvest deer all season long.

  • $13.19

  • Conquest Crossing Deer Herd Stick Ever Calm
  • Conquest Crossing Deer Herd Stick Ever Calm
    SKU: 2867

    BECOME THE DEER! The strongest and most natural cover scent ever collected for the Whitetail deer hunter. This trademarked product contains all of the scents and smells that Whitetail deer produce while in their bedding area. It is a simple concept of becoming a part of the area deer feel most comfo...

  • $25.99
    $19.99 23.09% Discount

    You save: $6.00

  • Conquest Crossing VS1 Estrus Stick
  • Conquest Crossing Vs1 Estrus Stick
    SKU: 2865

    2865 VS-1 ESTRUS STICKVS-1 is unique because it combinesvaginal secretions individually collectedfrom estrus doe and is combined withestrus urine. Each doe is tested to assurethat it is at the peak of its estrus cycle, sothat the limited amount of secretions areobtained to give you the most powerful...

  • $58.49
    $44.99 23.08% Discount

    You save: $13.50

  • Conquest Elk Herd In a Stick
  • Conquest Elk Herd In A Stick
    SKU: 3330

    BECOME THE ELK! We have taken our patented stick process and made the application of our Elk Herd In A Bottle® easier and more convenient for the hunter. Advantages of the stick are: ease of application, re-sealable container, no spilling or leaking, will not freeze or break down in temperatures un...

  • $25.99
    $20.46 21.28% Discount

    You save: $5.53

  • Conquest Rutting Buck In a Stick
  • Conquest Rutting Buck In A Stick
    SKU: 3329

    The first ever Rutting Buck lure put in a patented stick formula! No mess, spilling or leaking, and can be easily stored and applied. This premium scent isVcollected from mature bucks in full rut while testosterone levels are their peak! Rutting Buck In A Stick™ is most effective with challenging ...

  • $25.99
    $19.99 23.09% Discount

    You save: $6.00

  • Cover Stick Combo
  • Cover Stick Combo
    SKU: 4513

    The scent that smokes, burns up to approximately 2 hours when used in buckets. Will work in the rain 100%. Must burn one stick of each #2935 and #7434 at the same time to have it work correctly. The #4513 Combo Packs contain 3 sexual and 3 cover sticks.

  • $13.39

  • Deer Dander Scent Spray 4oz
  • Deer Dander Scent Spray 4oz
    SKU: 40031

    The 1st of its kind.! This cover scent is formulated to make you smell like a deer so you can get those "close-up" shots! Use caution this cover scent simulates the actual dander of deer! 4oz. bottle.

  • $17.34

  • Deer Sense  Estrus Sticks
  • Deer Sense Estrus Sticks
    SKU: 6906

    It has taken us five years to develop thislure. We now believe this is the best Estrusscent on the market!!

  • $13.39


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