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  • 209 Capper Brass
  • 209 Capper Brass
    SKU: A1418

    Designed to hold (12) #209 primers. Easy to use, just squeeze lanyard loop to remove from body, load primers, and replace lanyard loop. Can be used on most in-line muzzle-loaders. Brass.

  • $20.27

  • Ball Puller 10/32 Thread
  • Ball Puller 10/32 Thread
    SKU: A1280

    Solid brass collar centers stud in barrel. Adjusts to alter depth into ball or patch. Fits in 10/32 threaded ramrods.

  • $7.92

  • Cleaning Jag 10/32 Thread 50c.
  • Cleaning Jag 10/32 Thread 50c.
    SKU: A1284

    Multi-grooved style, knurled to grip patch securely. Cupped end serves as loading tip. Solid brass. Fits all 10/32 threaded ramrods.

  • $8.10

  • CVA 27" Palmsaver Ramrod .50c
  • Cva 27" Palmsaver Ramrod .50c
    SKU: AC1700

    A solid aluminum rod with a special jag on one end that is threaded. The actual PalmSaver, or knob, attaches to this threaded jag and is configured in a way that allows it to be left on the gun while firing. For the shooter, the rod can be removed quickly for loading a second shot, and, most importantly, the PalmSaver knob protects the palm while he seats the next bullet. The rod also comes with a 4" jag extension which, when attached to the opposite end, converts the ramrod into a full len...

  • $27.11

  • CVA Breech Plug/Nipple Grease
  • Cva Breech Plug/nipple Grease
    SKU: 21179

    Formulated to withstand heat created during the ignition of powder. Prevents nipple and breech plug from seizing up.

  • $9.04

  • CVA Fiberglass Ramrod 50c
  • Cva Fiberglass Ramrod 50c
    SKU: AC1473

    Flexibility to bend without breaking. 3' length for you to custom fit. 10/32" diameter & 10/32 threads.

  • $14.29

  • CVA Powder Measure Range Model Adjustable
  • Cva Powder Measure Range Model Adjustable
    SKU: AC1410

    All brass measure adjusts to dispense up to 120 grains of black powder. Convenient funnel swivels to cut offand level the powder charge.

  • $13.25

  • CVA Powerbelt Ballistic 50c 245gr AT
  • Cva Powerbelt Ballistic 50c 245gr At
    SKU: AC1589A

    Patented snap-on base gives aperfect gas seal for consistentpressures and unsurpassed accuracy. Easy to load and do not requirecleaning after every shot. 15 pack.

  • $22.08

  • CVA Powerbelt Ballistic 50c 295gr AT
  • Cva Powerbelt Ballistic 50c 295gr At
    SKU: AC1595A

    Patented snap-on base gives a perfect gas seal for consistent pressures and unsurpassed accuracy. Easy to load and do not require cleaning after every shot. 15 pack.

  • $22.08

  • CVA Rapid Loader 50c Green
  • Cva Rapid Loader 50c Green
    SKU: AC1556A

    Straight through tube allows for loading ball, patch and powder in one fluid motion. Includes pocket clip. .50 caliber. Green.

  • $9.13

  • CVA Universal Trophy Ramrod 32"
  • Cva Universal Trophy Ramrod 32"
    SKU: AC1531

    All purpose non-abrasive ramrod. 5 times the strength of other ramrods. Not affected by water, oils, alcohol, salts or most acids. May be used without a muzzle guard and will not harm the bore. Fitted with brass tips and both ends are threaded for 10/32 accessories. 32" length and can be cut to fit.

  • $14.22

  • Deluxe Ball Starter
  • Deluxe Ball Starter
    SKU: A1336

    Comfortable round-handle design with solid brass short starter and full lengthy starter rods. Conveniently screws into your ramrod to serve as an extension/palm saver.

  • $12.52

  • EZ Clean Patches
  • Ez Clean Patches
    SKU: A1750

    2-1/2". Pre-soaked in EZ Clean.

  • $12.62


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