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  • Camillus 18in Titanium Bonded Carnivore X Machete
  • Camillus 18in Titanium Bonded Carnivore X Machete
    BRAND: Camillus  |  SKU: 4010595

    Camillus Carnivore X 18" Machete has a 12" titanium bonded stainless steel blade and can handle almost any job. With a full length saw as well as a full length blade, it is all you need! It comes with a removable trimming knife and sheath as well. Included is a Ballistic nylon sheath and a lifetime warranty. The Carnivore X 18" Machete is up to 3 times harder than steel and allows the blades to stay sharper longer. Camillus knives will withstand the impossible task and continue delivering ove...

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  • Camillus 23in Titanium Bonded Carnivore Maxx Machete
  • Camillus 23in Titanium Bonded Carnivore Maxx Machete
    BRAND: Camillus  |  SKU: 191159

    The Camillus 23" Carnivore Z Titanium Bonded Machete has a full tang with 440 Stainless Steel and a multi-grind blade with an ABS handle. The blade features chisel, cutting, sawing, digging, and wire cutting capabilities. The Carnivore Z Machete also comes with a Ballistic Nylon Sheath.
    Shipping Length: 25 inch X Shipping Length: 7.85 inch X Shipping Length: 2.15 inch X

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  • Camillus Carnivore Inject 18 inch Machete
  • Camillus Carnivore Inject 18 Inch Machete
    BRAND: Camillus  |  SKU: 1126580

    The Camillus Carnivore Inject 18 inch Titanium Bonded Machete a multi-purpose machete designed to cut, dig, saw, chisel, and gut for all of your needs. The 12 inch blade is Titanium Bonded which is up to 3x harder than untreated steel ensuring that your blade stays sharper longer. Included with the Carnivore X is a Molded Sheath, and a removable trimming knife with its own storage. This is the perfect machete for hunting, camping, hiking, and exploring. It also features a Lifetime Warranty.

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  • Camillus HIDE 17 inch Machete
  • Camillus Hide 17 Inch Machete
    BRAND: Camillus  |  SKU: 4016387

    Camillus Hide Titanium Bonded Machete features a 12 inch blade, with 420 stainless steel. And A Glass-Filled Nylon Handle Featuring Prym1 Design. titanium bonded Proprietary Surface Treatment Offers Enhanced Edge Retention, Corrosion And Adhesive Resistant And Is 3X Stronger Than Untreated Steel. The 5-In Glass-Filled Handle with Prym1 design, is very strong and rigid. Hide offers full tang for strength and balance in cutting and a quadruple edge grind saw back for superior sawing.
    Shipping ...

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  • Cold Steel Black Bear Bowie Fixed Blade 12.00 in Blade
  • Cold Steel Black Bear Bowie Fixed Blade 12.00 In Blade
    BRAND: Cold Steel  |  SKU: 2160447

    Continuing the ground breaking tradition for creating unusual and eye-catching “tactical machetes”, the R&D team devised a bold blade for 2017 – the Black Bear Bowie! It’s extra wide, 13” long blade is black-powder coated with a matte-black corrosion resistant finish and then sharpened right here at Cold Steel HQ. The Black Bear Bowie’s generous full tang and solid steel guard are completely injection over-molded with fine-textured high-impact Polypropylene, creating a very comfortable but...

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  • KA-BAR Combat Kukri Fixed 8.5 in Black Blade Kraton Handle
  • Ka-bar Combat Kukri Fixed 8.5 In Black Blade Kraton Handle
    BRAND: KA-BAR  |  SKU: 212802

    This heavy-duty chopper gets it's shape from it's older sibling, the Kukri Machete. At about 80% the size of the larger version, the Combat Kukri performs just as well at clearing brush and small tree limbs. It's smaller profile makes it a little easier for toting around - at just shy of a pound, it's a more appropriately sized tool for combat carry as well. It has a Kukri shaped blade that is flat ground to a 20 degree angle. The non-reflective black blade has a Rockwell hardness of 56-58. ...

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  • KA-BAR Cutlass Machete 11.0 in Black Blade Kraton Handle
  • Ka-bar Cutlass Machete 11.0 In Black Blade Kraton Handle
    BRAND: KA-BAR  |  SKU: 212482

    The Ka-Bar Cutlass Machete is perfect for chopping down weeds, clearing a camp site or cutting small limbs and tree branches. Includes leather/Cordura sheath. Cutlass Blade. Non-reflective black coated blade. Kraton G handle with grooves for a secure grip. Hollow grind for extreme sharpness.
    Shipping Length: 17.75 inch X Shipping Length: 4.5 inch X Shipping Length: 2.25 inch X

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  • KA-BAR Kukri Machete 11.5 in Black Blade Kraton Handle
  • Ka-bar Kukri Machete 11.5 In Black Blade Kraton Handle
    BRAND: KA-BAR  |  SKU: 212499

    Surviving the toughest field testing, the Ka-Bar Kukri boasts excellent test results in chopping and basic field use. Includes leather/Cordura sheath. Kukri Blade. Non-reflective black coated blade. Kraton G handle with grooves for a secure grip. Hollow grind for extreme sharpness.
    Shipping Length: 18 inch X Shipping Length: 4.5 inch X Shipping Length: 2.25 inch X

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  • Kershaw Camp Knife Fixed Blade 10.0 in Black Plain Polymer
  • Kershaw Camp Knife Fixed Blade 10.0 In Black Plain Polymer
    BRAND: Kershaw  |  SKU: 103359

    While it would be a lot of fun for Kershaw's marketing department to sell the Camp 10 as the ultimate zombie-whacking tool, the truth is, it actually has a lot of other uses that you just might find to be of a more immediate nature than zombie defense. Not that Kershaw ignoring to the coming Zombiepocalypse, mind you. They just think that the Camp 10 makes a pretty awesome camp knife and that it does a great job of whacking campsite or other outdoor chores down to size in very short order.From c...

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  • Mantis Machete with Nylon Sheath
  • Mantis Machete With Nylon Sheath
    BRAND: Mantis Knives  |  SKU: 4015595

    Mantis Machete has an 11 inch blade made with 440C stainless steel. The blade edge plain with a drop point.
    Shipping Length: 23.75 inch X Shipping Length: 3.25 inch X Shipping Length: 1.5 inch X

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  • Ontario Cutlass Machete 12.5 in Black Blade Polymer Handle
  • Ontario Cutlass Machete 12.5 In Black Blade Polymer Handle
    BRAND: Ontario Knife Company  |  SKU: 9001148

    Ontario Knife has been manufacturing the 1-12 Machete under U.S. Government specifications for over 60 years. The same high-quality machete that our troops expect is found in all the machetes we make including our "D" handle machete! Features include: 1095 carbon blade, zinc phosphate finish, full tang construction, shatterproof handles, and steel compression rivets. Our LC Econo Machetes offer performance, rugged reliability, with affordable pricing in a machete made right here in the "Good Ol"...

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  • Ontario Kukri Fixed 12.0 in Black Blade Rubber Handle
  • Ontario Kukri Fixed 12.0 In Black Blade Rubber Handle
    BRAND: Ontario Knife Company  |  SKU: 1064206

    The OKC Kukri knife is designed and manufactured to be tough and reliable. You will be amazed at the outstanding durability, quality, and performance of this product. Situated in New York State's scenic Southern Tier, Ontario Knife Company produces one of the most comprehensive, wide-ranging product lines in the cutlery industry today. While being a worldwide supplier, the Ontario Knife Company is also a major supplier to the U.S. Government and its military. Ontario has built its reputation...

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  • Ontario Kurki Machete 8.25 in Blade Rubber Handle
  • Ontario Kurki Machete 8.25 In Blade Rubber Handle
    BRAND: Ontario Knife Company  |  SKU: 4019893

    The SPEC Plus Alpha Kukri is fast in the hand but with a ton of power to make short work of any chopping, clearing, or emergency task.
    Shipping Length: 17.25 inch X Shipping Length: 3.58 inch X Shipping Length: 2 inch X

  • $59.95
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  • Schrade SCHKM1 Kukri Machete 19.50 in Overall Length Rubber
  • Schrade Schkm1 Kukri Machete 19.50 In Overall Length Rubber
    BRAND: Schrade  |  SKU: 9000157

    The Schrade Large Kukri Machete is a full tang fixed blade machete. The blade is made from a black powder coated 3Cr13 stainless steel. The Safe-T-Grip handle with lanyard hole makes for easier carry. A polyester shoulder/belt sheath with removable storage pouch is included.
    Shipping Length: 22.25 inch X Shipping Length: 4.75 inch X Shipping Length: 2.75 inch X

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  • Silky YOKI 270mm Chopper 570-27
  • Silky Yoki 270mm Chopper 570-27
    BRAND: Silky  |  SKU: 570271

    After almost 100 years of saw design and manufacturing excellence, Silky has added the YOKI ‘chopper’ to its lineup of superior steel blade products. If you are looking for the ultimate tool to attack multiple vegetation types, the YOKI should be at the top of your list. For avid hunters, hikers or those who travel off road, the YOKI is versatile enough to reduce vines, limbs and small logs to a more manageable or productive size. Similar to the a bush axe, the YOKI functions much the same way...

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