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  • Wonderlube 1000 Plus Patches
  • Wonderlube 1000 Plus Patches
    SKU: A1240

    100% cotton patches prelubricated with all natural Wonder Lube 1000 Plus, proven to reduce fouling and save loading and cleaning time. Sized for .50 and .54 caliber. 100 patches per bag.

  • $12.23

  • Universal Magnum Fast Loader
  • Universal Magnum Fast Loader
    SKU: A1317

    Handy container to hold projectile and premeasured powder. Each tube can hold up to 150 grains of loose pelletized powder.

  • $12.36

  • Traditions Flints
  • Traditions Flints
    SKU: A1208

    English flints, the best sparking stone available, hand-knapped for a dependable shower of sparks. Two per pack.

  • $12.47

  • Traditions Cleaning Patches
  • Traditions Cleaning Patches
    SKU: A1436

    White, round, cotton cleaning patches. Packaged in convenient zip-close bag. Package of 200.

  • $12.55

  • Traditions Accelerator Breech Plug
  • Traditions Accelerator Breech Plug
    SKU: A1443

    A unique knurled head requires no tools for easyremoval in just 3 full rotations. It incorporates a builtin 209 holder. New flat face and heavy duty O-ringprovide reliable ignition and reduced blow back.Note: Accelerator Breech Plug is available only inPursuit II models and cannot be interchanged wi...

  • $23.01

  • Traditions 30" Custom Aluminum Ramrod
  • Traditions 30" Custom Aluminum Ramrod
    SKU: A1792

    What makes this ramrod unique is the ability to cut it to the desired length you need. One side of the ramrod is tapped with 10/32 threads.

  • $16.23

  • T-Shock APB Bullet Loading Jag
  • T-shock Apb Bullet Loading Jag
    SKU: A1770

    The T-Shock Loading Jag is designed to load polymer tip, lead tip and hollow point bullets without damaging the tips.

  • $11.59

  • Super Mag Pellet Quick Loader
  • Super Mag Pellet Quick Loader
    SKU: A1315

    Holds three 50-grain pellets in one end and a projectile in the other. The tops can be used as a capper, one #11 and one musket. "T" functions as a ball starter.

  • $11.42

  • Sabot Loading Tip 50c.
  • Sabot Loading Tip 50c.
    SKU: A1345

    Specially designed screw-on accessory which reduces bullet tip distortion during loading of saboted and conical bullets. Brass construction, threads onto any loading tool that accepts 10/32 threads.

  • $11.45

  • Revolver Nipple Wrench
  • Revolver Nipple Wrench
    SKU: A1260

    Fits all Traditions revolvers, except Colt Walker. Includes nipple pick under brass cap.

  • $12.49

  • In Line Breech Plug Wrench
  • In Line Breech Plug Wrench
    SKU: A1356

    2 in 1 tool for removal of Traditions In-Line rifle breech plug and nipples. Extra long for use with scoped rifles. Fits Lightning and Buckhunter.

  • $19.79

  • Hunter Flask w/Powder Measure
  • Hunter Flask W/powder Measure
    SKU: A1334

    Valve-type flask to carry blackpowder or pyrodex. An adjustable powder measure slips into spout for precise powder charge from 5 to 120 grains. Blackened finish to prevent game spooking glare.

  • $26.57

  • Flintlock Pan Primer
  • Flintlock Pan Primer
    SKU: A1257

    The safe, convenient way to carry flintlock priming powder. Flask dispenses three grains of priming powder from the spring activated spout. Includes lanyard hole for easy carrying.

  • $17.34

  • EZ Clean Patches
  • Ez Clean Patches
    SKU: A1750

    2-1/2" cleaning patches pre-soaked in EZ Clean. 100 each.

  • $12.62

  • Deluxe Nipple Wrench w/Pick
  • Deluxe Nipple Wrench W/pick
    SKU: A1211

    Hardened steel tool installs and removes nipples easily. Brass end cap houses nipple pick.

  • $10.20

  • Deluxe Ball Starter
  • Deluxe Ball Starter
    SKU: A1336

    Comfortable round handle design with solid brass short starter and full-length starter rods. Conveniently screws onto your ramrod to serve as an extension/palm saver.

  • $12.52

  • CVA Powerbelt Platinum 50c 270gr AT
  • Cva Powerbelt Platinum 50c 270gr At
    SKU: AC1553

    PowerBelt Platinum Bullets are the ultimate PowerBelt Bullet. Using a plating process that actually changes the molecular structure (and color) of our copper plating, standard deviations in bullet velocity are lowered and accuracy is improved. A ribbed gas check gives an even better gas seal than st...

  • $23.85


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