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  • Circe Professional 3 n 1
  • Circe Professional 3 N 1
    SKU: 2975

    Comes with one jackrabbit, one cottontail and one coaxer voice. Great for long range, mid-range and close-in calling. Completely self contained and changes from voice to voice in a second by twisting top.

  • $22.00

  • Duel Doe Next Door Micro Heat Deer Bleat Call
  • Duel Doe Next Door Micro Heat Deer Bleat Call
    SKU: 6973

    Compact design takes up little room. Ridged mouthpiece is easy to hold in your lips. Lanyard with alligator clip attaches anywhere. Freeze-free design.

  • $23.19

  • Duel Wapiti Wailer Bite-n-Blow Elk Call
  • Duel Wapiti Wailer Bite-n-blow Elk Call
    SKU: 9413

    FreezeFree design - call all day with out freeze up; blows when wet. Easy to use; produces chirps, mews, estrus calls and more.

  • $25.70

  • Duel WidowMaker 1  Open Reed Adult Cow Call
  • Duel Widowmaker 1 Open Reed Adult Cow Call
    SKU: 6976

    Freeze-free design - call all day without freeze-up. Blows when wet. Soft and loud. Easy to use; produces chirps, mews, and estrus calls.

  • $21.51

  • Flextone 6 N 1 Waterfowl Whistle
  • Flextone 6 N 1 Waterfowl Whistle
    SKU: 50150

    Thanks to their distinctive design, you now have a much more versatile duck and bird whistle at your disposal. The flexible body allows callers to squeeze the end and change tones to produce the natural sounds of multiple Pintails, Widgeon, Teal, Mallard, Drake, Quail, and Hawks.

  • $12.83

  • Flextone Coon Squaller
  • Flextone Coon Squaller
    SKU: 30040

    The flextone Coon Squaller has the natural sound, durability, and control of flextone in a compact design that is sure to make him look.

  • $13.63

  • Flextone Dirty Lil Hen Diaphragm
  • Flextone Dirty Lil Hen Diaphragm
    SKU: 10060

    Double reed with NO cuts. Perfect fall call produces clear kee-kees. Clear tones for loud or soft calling.

  • $13.48

  • Flextone Dying Rabbit
  • Flextone Dying Rabbit
    SKU: 20002

    The Flextone Dying Rabbit call: Predators can't resist investigating the natural sounds of the Flextone Dying Rabbit Call. The flexible design gives this call lots of inflection and natural pleading sound. Just squeeze the end closed for a quiet whine or release for louder volume. It is a coaxer and...

  • $13.63

  • Flextone Lightning Crow Call
  • Flextone Lightning Crow Call
    SKU: 20067

    Great locator call for midday. Larger sound chamber for louder volume. Soft body for natural realistic sounds.

  • $16.30

  • Flextone Lightning Owl Call
  • Flextone Lightning Owl Call
    SKU: 20068

    Early morning and late evening locator call. Larger sound chamber for louder volume. Soft body for natural realistic sounds.

  • $16.30

  • Flextone MW Smack Down Diaphragm
  • Flextone Mw Smack Down Diaphragm
    SKU: 10200

    Watch and learn how the top pros level their sights. By learning this simple process, you truly are buying points if you are a tournament archer, or ensuring a quick humane kill if you are a bowhunter. No more unknown left or right misses on slopes due to improper 3rd axis adjustment, no more zeroed...

  • $12.89

  • Flextone R/T Canada Goose
  • Flextone R/t Canada Goose
    SKU: 50010

    The Flextones Team Realtree CanadaGoose call features an innovative designwhich makes it easy to master a full rangeof natural sounding goose calls. The flexiblebell means improved control of tone,volume and backpressure, allowing theuser to produce the sounds of multiplegeese and double cluck with ...

  • $21.45

  • Flextone Wood Duck
  • Flextone Wood Duck
    SKU: 50110

    This is where the flexibility of breakthrough design really comes through. By squeezing, bending and releasing this duck calls soft body you can produce a full range of vocalizations. Mix up the sequences to achieve the flying squeal, the water whine or any sound in between.

  • $13.63

  • HS Adult Doe Estrus Bleat Can
  • Hs Adult Doe Estrus Bleat Can
    SKU: 00167

    The midsized adult doe version gives a louder estrus bleat to bring in that long range buck, during the rut.

  • $13.12

  • HS Mega Estrus Bleat Can
  • Hs Mega Estrus Bleat Can
    SKU: 00168

    The biggest version is extra loud to bring in that mature buck from long range. Works great during the rut.

  • $14.82

  • HS Young Doe Estrus Bleat Can
  • Hs Young Doe Estrus Bleat Can
    SKU: 00166

    The smaller young doe version makes the estrus sounds of the yearling doe effective during the rut and the late season.

  • $12.32

  • MAD Hyper Growl Deer Call
  • Mad Hyper Growl Deer Call
    SKU: 513

    MAD's Patent Pending Hyper Growl makesthe next new step in deer call innovation byemulating the actual way that deer producesound. The addition of a "Hyper Ventilator"Tube to the air passage way creates themost realistic deer sounds ever recordedand a reed system that cannot be lockedup with as much...

  • $22.00

  • MAD RIP Growl Call
  • Mad Rip Growl Call
    SKU: 6263

    Based on the natural nasal/vocal makeup of a whitetail deer. Emits the most realistic and natural whitetail vocals. Combined with over-molding technology, this call has the ability to also emit doe and fawn vocals.

  • $22.00

  • Primos #108 True Double
  • Primos #108 True Double
    SKU: 7877

    The reeds of the True Double do not touch and are staggered. This enables the reeds to vibrate independently. With this call, you can produce sweet hen yelps or make longer, coarser notes to produce the gobbler's cluck and yelp. Proclaimed as the most realistic of any yelper.

  • $13.26


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