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  • 6" L Mounting Brackets Black
  • 6" L Mounting Brackets Black
    BRAND: Elitescreens  |  SKU: ZVMAXLB6B

    ZLB6BX 6" L Mounting Brackets - Black - L-shaped bracket set designed to help wall or ceiling mount select Elite screens projection screens. 2 Brackets - 1 pair.

  • $25.97

  • 6" L Mounting Brackets White
  • 6" L Mounting Brackets White
    BRAND: Elitescreens  |  SKU: ZVMAXLB6W

    6" L Mounting Brackets - White - L-shaped bracket set designed to help wall or ceiling mount select Elite screens projection screens. 2 Brackets - 1 pair.

  • $26.44

  • Active Speaker ELPSP02
  • Active Speaker Elpsp02
    BRAND: Epson America  |  SKU: V12H467020

    Active Speakers (ELPSP02)... Engage your classroom with 30 W of powerful sound with this speaker set. Use the ELPSP02 active speakers (with built-in amplifiers) to enable all students in the room to clearly hear your lesson enhancing the learning experience. The ELPSP02 speakers can be easily mounte...

  • $199.58

  • DC 21 HDMI Document Camera
  • Dc 21 Hdmi Document Camera
    BRAND: Epson America  |  SKU: ELPDC21

    DC-21 HDMI Document Camera has 10x digital zoom plus 12x optical zoom. HD 1080p output resolution with HDMI digital connectivity for high-def video. Microscope adapter included; supports standard microscopes. Has built-in microphone and one-touch A/V recording capabilities. Auto focus with one-t...

  • $629.00
    $605.50 3.74% Discount

    You save: $23.50

  • DC12V Power Adapter Power Cord
  • Dc12v Power Adapter Power Cord
    BRAND: AVer Information  |  SKU: PPDC12VPA

    AVerVision130150300i 300p 330 530 300AF+ CP SPC and SPB series DC12V Full Set (Power Adapter & Universal Power Cord)

  • $47.83

  • Elite Screens Carrying Case
  • Elite Screens Carrying Case
    BRAND: Elitescreens  |  SKU: ZT120HBAG

    Elite Screens 120-inch Portable Projector Screen Carrying Case Bag for Tripod Series Model: ZT120H Bag

  • $62.05

  • Interative Orange Pen
  • Interative Orange Pen
    BRAND: Epson America  |  SKU: V12H773010

    Interactive Pen - Orange (marked with orange at base) is for use with BrightLink 475Wi 480i 485Wi 575Wi 585Wi 595Wi and BrightLink Pro 1410Wi interactive projectors. It is one of two interactive pens that can be used for simultaneous use on the BrightLink 475Wi 480i 485Wi 575Wi 585Wi 595Wi or Bright...

  • $48.59

  • Lan Module
  • Lan Module
    BRAND: Epson America  |  SKU: V12H731P02

    EPSON Wireless Lan Module (ELPAP10)

  • $120.00
    $115.87 3.44% Discount

    You save: $4.13

  • Microscope Adapter
  • Microscope Adapter
    BRAND: AVer Information  |  SKU: VISIFSEMA

    AVerVision Microscope Adapter for use with F15/ F30/ F33/ F17HD/ F50/ F50HD/ W30/ M70HD/ PL50 document cameras.

  • $51.19

  • Pixie Plus Project Controller
  • Pixie Plus Project Controller
    BRAND: Epson America  |  SKU: ELPSP10

    Epson Pixie Plus Project Controller for Epson Projector

  • $302.38

  • Projector Soft Carrying Case
  • Projector Soft Carrying Case
    BRAND: Viewsonic  |  SKU: PJCASE008

    Projector soft carrying case. Black color. Compatible with: PJD5153 PJD5155 PJD5255 PJD5555W PJD5353LS PJD5553LWS PJD6252L PJD6350 PJD6352 PJD6352LS PJD6550LW PJD6551W PJD6552LWS PJD6552LW PJD7326 PJD7526W PJD7828HDL PJD7831HDL PJD7836HDL PJD7720HD Pro7827HD PA502S PA503S PA502X PA503X PA503W PA505W...

  • $25.00
    $21.08 15.68% Discount

    You save: $3.92

  • Remote Control
  • Remote Control
    BRAND: Epson America  |  SKU: 1547200

    Epson Remote Control for PowerLiteS11 / X12 / X15 / 420 / 425W / 430 / 435W / 470 / 475W / 480 / 485W / BL425Wi / 430i / 435Wi / 475Wi / 480i / 485Wi

  • $40.00
    $39.31 1.72% Discount

    You save: $0.69

  • RemotePoint Emerald Navigator
  • Remotepoint Emerald Navigator
    BRAND: SMK-Link  |  SKU: VP4155

    The NEW RemotePoint Emerald Navigator SE controls presentation slides from up to 75 feet away. Featuring a bright green laser pointer a classic cutting-edge metallic case design the Emerald Navigator SE is plug and play for both Windows & OS X computers. Features Large slide controls Slide Bl...

  • $129.99
    $112.98 13.09% Discount

    You save: $17.01

  • Replacement Air Filter
  • Replacement Air Filter
    BRAND: Epson America  |  SKU: V13H134A22

    Replacement Air Filter for the Epson PowerLite 84 85 825 826W

  • $24.12

  • Replacement Air Filter BL
  • Replacement Air Filter Bl
    BRAND: Epson America  |  SKU: V13H134A49

    EPSON Replacement Air Filter bl 685Wi / 695Wi / 696 Ui / 697 Ui / PL 675W/680/680 Smart/685W/BL Pro 1450Ui/1460Ui

  • $24.12

  • Replacement Air Filter ELPAF40
  • Replacement Air Filter Elpaf40
    BRAND: Epson America  |  SKU: V13H134A40

    Replacement Air Filter for PowerLite 470/475W/480/485W/BrightLink 475Wi/485Wi (ELPAF40)

  • $24.12

  • Replacement Lamp
  • Replacement Lamp
    BRAND: Epson America  |  SKU: V13H010L67

    EPSON Replacement Lamp for PowerLiteS11/X12/X15/PL1221/1261W/VS210/310/315W/ EX3210/5210/7210/ Megaplex MG-50/MG-850HD/Home Cinema 710HD(ELPLP67)

  • $230.00
    $211.79 7.92% Discount

    You save: $18.21

  • soft sided projector case
  • Soft Sided Projector Case
    BRAND: Epson America  |  SKU: V12H001K70

    EPSON Soft Travel Case for PowerLite 2042 2142W 2247U EMP108

  • $31.65

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