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  • ATT SynJ 4-line Accessory Repeater
  • Att Synj 4-line Accessory Repeater
    SKU: TDATT-SB67128

    - ATT DECT 6.0 range 4-line repeater for use with the ATT-SB67118 and ATT-SB67108- Small/ home office- Expandable systems- Multi-line corded telephones- Unsurpassed range - redefining long range coverage and clarity- Expandable corded telephones- DECT zero blind slot technology- Expandable system (u...

  • $114.00
    $95.00 16.67% Discount

    You save: $19.00

  • Battery Cover
  • Battery Cover

    - Engenius replacement battery cover for the Durafon handsets and DuraWalkies- Easily swappable- Durable casing- DURAFONHBC

  • $13.59

  • BU Base Unit For DuraFon
  • Bu Base Unit For Durafon

    - BU Base Unit For the DuraFon 1X- Does not work with Durawalkie

  • $414.00
    $390.23 5.74% Discount

    You save: $23.77

  • Desk Top Charger
  • Desk Top Charger

    - Engenius extra desk top charger- For use with the Durafon1X, Durafon4X and Durafon pro handsets- Black- DURAFONCH

  • $47.01

  • Durafon Battery
  • Durafon Battery

    - Durafon Battery for all Durafon and DuraWalkie handsets- 6 hours of talk time- 50 hours of stand-by time- 300-400 cycles of life (about 1 year)- Easily swaps out- Lithium-ion rechargeable- 3.7V 1700mAh

  • $39.13

  • DuraFon Belt Clip
  • Durafon Belt Clip

    - Engenius DuraFon belt clip- For use with the DuraFon handsets and DuraWalkies- Designed with a strong plastic frame that will last- Includes handset attachment and belt clip- Black- Required for use of DuraPouch-EX

  • $13.04

  • DuraFon PRO Base Unit
  • Durafon Pro Base Unit

    - DuraFon PRO Base Unit- Engenius long range industrial cordless phone system base unit ONLY- Multi-base system (does not include any handsets)- 4 port/line base unit- 2 Way broadcast- Private handset to handset intercom- Scalable and reliable- Range up to 12 floors in a building, 3,000 acres on a r...

  • $1130.40
    $1025.67 9.26% Discount

    You save: $104.73

  • DuraFon PRO Handset/Charger
  • Durafon Pro Handset/charger

    - EnGenius DuraFon Pro accessory handset and charger- For use with the DuraFon Pro long range industrial cordless phone system- Function as a cordless phone and 2 way radio - Low cost communication option without recurring carrier costs - Long-range coverage - Durable, ruggedized handset - 6 hours t...

  • $429.60
    $404.36 5.88% Discount

    You save: $25.24

  • Durafon Single Line Base Unit Only

    - DuraFon PSL-BU (PRO, Single-Line) long-range cordless phone expansion base is ideal for an add-on to the DuraFon PRO or DuraFon UHF multi-line system when another port or line is needed- Coverage up to: 12 floors (office / hotel), 250,000 sq. ft. (retail store / warehouse) , or 3,000 acres (farm /...

  • $468.00
    $439.15 6.16% Discount

    You save: $28.85

  • Durapouch - EP-490 and Durafon
  • Durapouch - Ep-490 And Durafon

    - Durable pouch for Durafon 1X, 4X, and Pro handsets and DuraWalkies- Black leather style holster matches well with most attire and latches easily to a belt loop for extra convenience- Protects your Durafon or DuraWalkie handset from everyday wear and tear- Quickly access the dialpad via the transpa...

  • $23.91

  • FreeStyl 1 Handset and Charger
  • Freestyl 1 Handset And Charger
    SKU: TDENG-FreeStyl1HC

    - EnGenius extreme range single line cordless handset- Up to 25,000 square feet, 10 acres and 6 floors- FreeStyl high power frequency will not interfere with todays wireless networks, unlike traditional 2.4 or 5.8 Ghz models- Superior multi floor coverage- Penetrates concrete, wood and drywall Built...

  • $164.16
    $159.57 2.80% Discount

    You save: $4.59

  • Handset Antenna Low Profile
  • Handset Antenna Low Profile

    - EnGenius handset antenna HSA2- Low profile- For the Durafon handsets- DURAFONHSA2

  • $15.22

  • Lightning Protection Kit
  • Lightning Protection Kit

    - EnGenius lightning protection kit for the SN-920 series- Includes one lightning protector and 5 meters of coaxial cable- Reduces the risk of damage to equipment from indirect lightning strikes (protects against staticdischarge and electric surges)- Will not prevent a direct lightning strike from d...

  • $101.09

  • Outdoor Antenna Kit 60' Cable
  • Outdoor Antenna Kit 60' Cable

    - EnGenius outdoor antenna kit- 60' of coaxial cable- Includes 1 outdoor antenna and 1 set of mounting hardware- Provides longer range than the previousversion: uses LMR400 low loss cable and double stack antenna (-2dB lost for every 60' of cable, vs.-6dB loss with older versions) Frequency: 900MHz ...

  • $227.70
    $221.48 2.73% Discount

    You save: $6.22

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