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  • Amazing Secrets of Yoga DVD Darin Candler
  • Amazing Secrets Of Yoga Dvd Darin Candler
    SKU: VD6799A-VD

    Learn the amazing secrets of Yoga Guru's through Guru Darin Candler - one of the most talented young masters of our time. You will easily learn from this advanced tape with Guru Candler and his two assistants. On this DVD; you will be taught to release stress and improve your total body toning throu...

  • $14.09

  • American Masters & Champions Martial Arts DVD
  • American Masters & Champions Martial Arts Dvd
    SKU: VD6430A-VD

    Undoubtedly this is the most comprehensive DVD ever showing the American Masters and Champions of The Martial Arts ever- names like Trias; Urban; Parker; Nishiyama; Lewis Tegner; Yamashita Bruno Urquidez; Wall; Matteson; Slocki; and Norris are but a few of the biggest names in North American martial...

  • $14.09

  • Bagua Zhang Dragon Palm #1 DVD George Xu
  • Bagua Zhang Dragon Palm #1 Dvd George Xu
    SKU: VD7625A-VD

    One of the three main Chinese martial arts of the Wudang school taught by one of the most knowledgeable Chinese martial arts masters; George Xu. Offensive and defensive techniques and more! It is simply a masterpiece for all levels of Pa Qua. English. Filmed in Europe.

  • $14.09

  • Becoming a Cop DVD Wagner
  • Becoming A Cop Dvd Wagner
    SKU: VD6340A-VD

    Taught by Sgt. Jim Wagner; creator of the Reality Based Personal Protection system. A police officer with over 13 years experience in SWAT; Corrections; Special Forces; the Military and has taught 100s of police courses world wide; including Brazil; Argentina; Israel; and for the FBI and CIA. A care...

  • $14.09

  • Brazilian Capoeira for Beginners DVD Sergipe
  • Brazilian Capoeira For Beginners Dvd Sergipe
    SKU: VD6080A

    The art of Capoeira is over 300 years old; developed by African slaves as a form of resistance to being enslaved. Filmed in the heart of Brazil; this dvd shares the basic techniques of Capoeira in easy to follow instructions. Master Sergipe shows you the basic techniques; as well as how to use them ...

  • $23.90

  • Cardio Capoeira Brazilian Flashdance DVD Ribeiro
  • Cardio Capoeira Brazilian Flashdance Dvd Ribeiro
    SKU: VD6822A-VD

    This all new and exciting video; features Brazilian model and martial artist; Carla Ribeiro; could very well be the next Tae Bo craze for the fitness addicts. Carla has won 16 World Championships in various world competitions from Italy to Argentina; Tokyo to London. She also won 1st place in the Br...

  • $14.09

  • Cardio Capoeira Brazilian Ultimate Workout DVD Ribeiro
  • Cardio Capoeira Brazilian Ultimate Workout Dvd Ribeiro
    SKU: VD6718A-VD

    Finally an exercise tape that makes good sense! Why not learn a great self-defence system; get a total body workout; AND listen to energetic Brazilian music at the same time? Carla Ribeira brings you this unique; powerful exercise she has developed after years of martial arts training in both karate...

  • $14.09

  • Dynamic Strength Training DVD Harry Wong flowing isometrics martial arts
  • Dynamic Strength Training Dvd Harry Wong Flowing Isometrics ...
    SKU: VD5287A

    Every martial artist is continually striving to improve speed and power. However, conventional methods, such as weight training and calisthenics, have as many drawbacks as they do benefits. For over 20 years, Kung Fu San Soo Master Harry Wong has been teaching his unique system of dynamic strength t...

  • $23.87

  • Introduction Kettlebell Strength Training For MMA #1 DVD David Morrison bjj
  • Introduction Kettlebell Strength Training For Mma #1 Dvd Dav...
    SKU: VD5285A

    David Morrison provides a comprehensive introduction to using Kettlebells for strength and conditioning training vital for the Mixed Martial Artist! Areas covered include: selection of correct size and weight; proper techniques to avoid injury; and more!

  • $23.87

  • JKA Masters 60s Kata Exercises Basics DVD
  • Jka Masters 60s Kata Exercises Basics Dvd
    SKU: VD6039A

    JKA Masters 60's features footage created from the early 1960's super 8mm films. This particular video is extremely valuable as a reference point for those practicing traditional shotokan karate. You will see first hand how and why the JKA developed such awesome power in their techniques as you watc...

  • $23.90

  • Martial Fitness Karl List 2 DVD Set Golds Gym
  • Martial Fitness Karl List 2 Dvd Set Golds Gym
    SKU: VD7079A

    If you want to know about power and flexibility there is only one man in the world you should go to and that is Karl List. A former bodybuilder; Karl is now a full time trainer to sports celebrities and Hollywood's elite; at the prestigious Gold's Gym in Venice Beach; California. This double DVD set...

  • $36.96

  • Maui Yoga DVD Darin Candler
  • Maui Yoga Dvd Darin Candler
    SKU: VD6823A-VD

    Guru Darin Candler began his study of Yoga with Bikram Chaudhuryat the Yoga College of India in 1985. After graduating from the teachers training course he created Maui Yoga on the beaches of this Hawaiian Island. His easy to follow method of teaching will help you arouse the inner fire within your ...

  • $23.90

  • Mechanics Muay Thai #2 Kicking Blocking DVD Janjira
  • Mechanics Muay Thai #2 Kicking Blocking Dvd Janjira
    SKU: VD6510A-VD

    Mechanics of Thailand's Muay Thai part 1; Basics: Hands; feet; elbows; knees; and footwork. Learn all the Kicking knees and blocking. Saekson is the best of the best. We say this without reservation and those of you who watch this will see why. Absolutely terrific. In this tape Saekson teaches you u...

  • $14.12

  • Mechanics Muay Thai #3 Drills DVD Janjira
  • Mechanics Muay Thai #3 Drills Dvd Janjira
    SKU: VD6520A

    You just wonIt believe all the creative and cool techniques for training for all martial arts on this one tape he is a magician. This tape has more on blocking plus tons of drills that can be used in any martial art. You will learn the right way to use traditional pads as well as innovative and new ...

  • $23.90

  • Muay Thai Boran Bag Work DVD
  • Muay Thai Boran Bag Work Dvd
    SKU: VD6929A-VD

    Many of the great masters and champions have their first steps in their discipline martial hitting more or less correctly a bag in the garage of his home; hanging from a tree or attached to a wall of a small scale. In this video; for the first time in the hands of Arjarn Framework Cesaris; find a sy...

  • $14.12

  • Muay Thai Special Training Drills DVD Janjira
  • Muay Thai Special Training Drills Dvd Janjira
    SKU: VD6060A-VD

    Muay Thai special training drills dvd; featuring Master Saekson Janjira (200 fights with only 4 losses). Master Saekson shows how to develop balance; endurance; and much more. Fighting Spirit Magazine cites this as being one of the best they've ever reviewed. Learn how to use the ropes; 3 on 1 train...

  • $14.12

  • Qi Gong DVD We Xu Jun
  • Qi Gong Dvd We Xu Jun
    SKU: VD7624A-VD

    QI GONG features Masters Wu Wen We; George Xu and Zhao Ya Jun; teaching Chinese martial arts techniques like Iron Shirt; Ti Bu Shan; Huen Yuang; Guong; Tuong Bi; Ji Ben Guong and more.

  • $14.12

  • Savate French Foot Fighting DVD Griffins
  • Savate French Foot Fighting Dvd Griffins
    SKU: VD6847A

    Taught by Prof. Lester Griffins an expert in French Savate you will learn blocks; kicks; strikes and much more. Comprehensive training by a young; knowledgeable martial artist. 50 minutes.

  • $23.90

  • Secrets of Yoga 3 DVD Set
  • Secrets Of Yoga 3 Dvd Set
    SKU: VD7078A

    Master Darin Candler is the creator of Maui Yoga and in this 3 DVD set you will learn so much you will be amazed. Just listening to his voice will make you relax; but then when you do his workout you will see why his LA Yoga style is being practiced at many of the hottest gyms in LA; including the f...

  • $52.13

  • Tao Yi Chuan Way Focused Fist DVD Yu
  • Tao Yi Chuan Way Focused Fist Dvd Yu
    SKU: VD6710A

    A direct student of Wang Xian Zhay Master Li Jiang Yu of Beijing China teaches the secrets of the Internal Martial Arts that have evaded the western world till now. Not only will you be able to learn the health postures for both young and old but you will learn the magic of 5000 years of health fitn...

  • $23.90

  • Traditional Okinawan Makiwara Cond. DVD Ota
  • Traditional Okinawan Makiwara Cond. Dvd Ota
    SKU: VD6800A

    Master Eihachi Ota; an Okinawan Karate Master and direct student of the late Nagamine Sensei; illustrates techniques never before caught on video; making the Okinawan Makiwara and conditioning drills the lost art of Okinawa. Beginners and advanced will learn from this disk; how to correctly strike t...

  • $23.90

  • Weight Training - Charles Glass 3 DVD Set
  • Weight Training - Charles Glass 3 Dvd Set
    SKU: VD7080A

    When you mention weight training; we all think of Arnold... but there is one more name that is synonymous with weight training; and that is Charles Glass. He has taught the biggest and the best bodybuilders in the world and now; in this 3 DVD set; you will learn all his little secrets from training ...

  • $52.13

  • Weight Training Advanced DVD Glass
  • Weight Training Advanced Dvd Glass
    SKU: VD6180A

    Weight Training : Advanced DVD by Charles Glass; one of the most famous weight training coaches in the world. This DVD is designed for the advanced student; who has been training for at least 2 years and committed to training for real! Learn the training schedule that pros like Flex Wheeler and Ronn...

  • $23.90


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