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  • 2 DVD SET Combat Korean Hapkido Dan Bong Short Stick Complete Program DVD Moore
  • 2 Dvd Set Combat Korean Hapkido Dan Bong Short Stick Complet...
    SKU: VD2618A

    2 DVD Set. This exciting program presents the use of the Dan Bong (Short Stick) as an extremely versatile Self Defense Tool. Senior Master Moore expertly demonstrates and explains in detail practical; realistic and effective techniques that can be easily added to the curriculum of any traditional or...

  • $41.26

  • 5 DVD Set Traditional Hapkido Groundfighting Ki Weapons DVD GM Jong Bae Rim
  • 5 Dvd Set Traditional Hapkido Groundfighting Ki Weapons Dvd ...
    SKU: VD5557P

    5 DVD Set by Grandmaster Jong Bae Rim and instructor Joe Sheya teaching powerful and effective techniques from the Korean martial art. Grandmaster Jong Bae Rim is a direct disciple of Hapkido founder, Yong Shul Choi. In this original series filmed and produced by Ancient Warrior Productions, he teac...

  • $110.00
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  • Bionic Self Defense DVD Urban
  • Bionic Self Defense Dvd Urban
    SKU: VD7387A-VD

    In this DVD; you will be able to see many of the masters of karate in the early years; including Ed Parker; Peter Urban; Chuck Norris fighting Louis Delgado; Joe Lewis fighting Tom Lapuppett and many many more. Also included is Maestro Urban's famous New York Self Defense lecture and presentation ca...

  • $14.09

  • Close Encounters DVD Tamas Weber WKO 9th Dan
  • Close Encounters Dvd Tamas Weber Wko 9th Dan
    SKU: VD6857A-VD

    9th dan with the WKO; Tamas Weber's background in the French Foreign Legion is the basis for this DVD on real self defense. There are many other DVD's that have fancier moves but none that have as realistic moves as this DVD. Weber is from the old school of hard knocks and you might say that his tec...

  • $14.09

  • Combat Hapkido DVD John Pellegrini
  • Combat Hapkido Dvd John Pellegrini
    SKU: VD7163A-VD

    In this DVD; Master Pellegrini shows us the self-defense techniques with the use of dislocation holds; trapping; pressure points and disarms facing strong weapons like knives and firearms. It's an excellent effort that will offer delights to those practitioners interested in realistic combat formula...

  • $14.09

  • Early Masters of Tae Kwon Do DVD
  • Early Masters Of Tae Kwon Do Dvd
    SKU: VD6360A-VD

    Captured for all Tae Kwon Do enthusiasts! See the founder; General Choi; as well as many of the early Tae Kwon Do masters performing forms; drills; self defense; breaking; and much more. Plus; Hapkido's famous 20 cane techniques; these are rare; dynamic and explosive techniques are of value to all s...

  • $14.09

  • Hapkido 3 DVD Set Myung Moo Pellegrin
  • Hapkido 3 Dvd Set Myung Moo Pellegrin
    SKU: VD7194A

    The Korean art of of Hapkido is rarely taught as well as it is in this mixed set of 3 DVD's featuring Masters Sik Myung; Sin Moo and John Pellegrin. Each experts in their own right; this set provides diverse instruction which guarantees the student a well rounded education in this martial art. These...

  • $52.13

  • Hapkido Sin Moo DVD
  • Hapkido Sin Moo Dvd
    SKU: VD7165A-VD

    Sin Moo Hapkido is a Korean style that uses every possible combat distance; as well as defensive techniques with traditional weapons. The ability and skillfulness of the Sin Moo to neutralize any aggression by means of a hold is stated in its symbolysm (an eagle catching an arrow).

  • $14.12

  • Joe Lewis Fighting Deceptive Penetration DVD
  • Joe Lewis Fighting Deceptive Penetration Dvd
    SKU: VD6780A-VD

    Speed; power; and deceptiveness are the three key attributes all fighters must develop to succeed. But; what if you're not fast or powerful? You will learn many trick moves which will enhance your quickness. The concepts you will learn on this DVD will help you to double your speed and frustrate you...

  • $14.12

  • Joe Lewis Fighting Setup Your Opponent DVD
  • Joe Lewis Fighting Setup Your Opponent Dvd
    SKU: VD6778A-VD

    Central to your success as a fighter will be your ability to set up your attack for the particular tendencies of your opponent. In this program you will learn how to set your opponent up; to make him more vulnerable to your attack; and prevent him from doing the same to you. Most fighters have at le...

  • $14.12

  • Joe Lewis Fighting Tactical Footwork DVD
  • Joe Lewis Fighting Tactical Footwork Dvd
    SKU: VD6779A-VD

    In auto-racing; the only thing that controls the car is the contact of the tire on the track. In the ring; it's all about how you use your feet to move; maneuver; evade and attack. To get in; engage; get out and then reposition all requires outstanding footwork that will not abandon you when you are...

  • $14.12

  • Joe Lewis Fighting Ten Best S/D Tech #14 DVD
  • Joe Lewis Fighting Ten Best S/d Tech #14 Dvd
    SKU: VD6749A-VD

    If you could have one person teach you or your family the ten best self-defense moves known to man; who better than the greatest fighter of all time - Joe Lewis? Lewis explodes the myths of martial arts and cuts away the fat to teach you how to defend yourself and protect your family. You will learn...

  • $14.12

  • Joe Lewis Fighting Weight Training #15 DVD
  • Joe Lewis Fighting Weight Training #15 Dvd
    SKU: VD6750A-VD

    Learn what exercises to use to build the muscles correctly for improving your function; speed; and power. Learn how to train to improve your footwork speed or to improve your kicking speed and power. This routine can be done a minimum of once and up to two-to-three times per week depending on what o...

  • $14.12

  • Korean Karate Hapkido #3 Kicking Techniques & Defenses DVD Scott Shaw
  • Korean Karate Hapkido #3 Kicking Techniques & Defenses Dvd S...
    SKU: VD5192A

    Featuring Scott Shaw Hapkido is well known for the dynamic kicks into the art from Tae Kwon Do and Tang Soo Do. In this DVD; Scott teaches advanced stretches and shows kicking techniques and kicks; Hapkido concepts for using your kicks in combat; and effective defenses against kick attacks. 51 minut...

  • $23.87

  • Mastering Tae Kwon Do Hand Basics DVD Jong Soo Park
  • Mastering Tae Kwon Do Hand Basics Dvd Jong Soo Park
    SKU: VD6719A-VD

    This DVD will teach you all the hand basics including blocking striking as well stances and blocks with your legs. Master Park in his easy to learn teaching methods make this the absolute perfect DVD for beginners of TKD. He will show you so much and in such detail that you will be totally amazed by...

  • $14.12

  • Mastering Tae Kwon Do Kicks DVD Jong Soo Park
  • Mastering Tae Kwon Do Kicks Dvd Jong Soo Park
    SKU: VD6721A-VD

    On this DVD Master Park gets down to the meat and potatoes of what makes Tae Kown Do such a terrific art and has made it one of the most popular martial arts in the world. You will learn how to do exactly and precisely the basic kicks like a front kick and a side kick and then he teaches you progres...

  • $23.90

  • Mastering Tae Kwon Do Self Defense DVD Park
  • Mastering Tae Kwon Do Self Defense Dvd Park
    SKU: VD6723A-VD

    The purpose of all martial arts is primarily self defence and Master Park shows you exactly how Tae Kwon Do deals with all kinds of situations against a knife a club; sitting down in a chair; woman\'s self defence; Also he teaches you the basic throws of Tae Kwon Do the basic sweeps and just so much...

  • $23.90

  • Tae Kwon Do DVD General Choi Hong Hi
  • Tae Kwon Do Dvd General Choi Hong Hi
    SKU: VD6827A

    The founder of Tae Kwon Do is featured in this comprehensive documentary done shortly before his passing. He talks in length about his youth; his vision for the future of Tae Kwon Do; and how; where and when it all started. No more rumours hear it from the General himself a man of extreme integrity ...

  • $23.90

  • Tae Kwon Do for Kids #2 Intermediate combinations forms techniques DVD Paul Kim
  • Tae Kwon Do For Kids #2 Intermediate Combinations Forms Tech...
    SKU: VD4996A

    Volume 2: Intermediate Level Featuring Paul Kim #TKDK02 In this DVD, Kim teaches Taekwondo combinations; forms; and intermediate level techniques for Green Belt level to Red Belt level. Especially designed for youth. 58 minutes.

  • $23.87

  • Taekwondo ABCs Modern Competition Sparring DVD Olympic Dana Hee korean karate
  • Taekwondo Abcs Modern Competition Sparring Dvd Olympic Dana ...
    SKU: VD5014A

    Featuring Champion Dana Hee Dana Hee; 1988 Olympic gold medalist; shows you the drills that will help you to outmaneuver and defeat your opponent. She takes you step-by-step through the main elements of competition sparring. 42 min.

  • $23.87

  • Taekwondo Training Drills Modern Competition Sparring DVD Dana Hee korean karate
  • Taekwondo Training Drills Modern Competition Sparring Dvd Da...
    SKU: VD5015A

    Featuring Olympic Champion Dana Hee Taekwondo is famous for it's speed and timing drills. Dana Hee shows you the drills she used to develop her incredible timing; superior kicking stamina; fast twitch muscles and overall effectiveness.

  • $23.87

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