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  • 1967 Chito Ryu Karate Chitose Tsuyoshi breaking DVD Bushi Matsumura canadian
  • 1967 Chito Ryu Karate Chitose Tsuyoshi Breaking Dvd Bushi Ma...
    SKU: VD6671A

    Filmed in 1967 this film features the founder of Chito Ryu Karate Dr. Chitose Tsuyoshi who was born in Akata Shuri Okinawa. He was a direct descendant of Bushi Matsumura Soken 1809 - 1901. You will see the Father Of Canadian Karate; Masami Tsuroka; at the Canadian Karate Championships. Karate Master...

  • $14.09

  • Aikido Morihiro Saito Empty Hand DVD
  • Aikido Morihiro Saito Empty Hand Dvd
    SKU: VD6460A-VD

    SAITO EMPTY HAND - Smooth smooth smooth is all one can say. Master Saito was one of Ueshiba's original students and his skill is totally amazing. He is fast he is filled with ki and yes he is very very smooth as you will surely see. He teaches basic techniques and advanced techniques in this product...

  • $14.09

  • Aikido's Ueshiba Collector Edition Masters DVD
  • Aikido's Ueshiba Collector Edition Masters Dvd
    SKU: VD6010A-VD

    Black and white footage of Aikido Master Morihei Ueshiba. Also features his Tohei Saito; and Shioda. Includes a sequence of night time shots that feature the Master demonstrating very rare sword and jo staff techniques in the forest. Footage is in extremely good condition and has been created from 8...

  • $14.09

  • Budo  Japanese Okinawan Masters Martial Arts DVD
  • Budo Japanese Okinawan Masters Martial Arts Dvd
    SKU: VD6100A-VD

    They are all here Yamaguichi; Ueshiba; Kano; Higa Seko; Nishiyama; Tomiki; Richard Kim; Oshiro; Demura; Tohei; Kubota; and close to 70 more of the most famous ever Japanese/Okinawan Masters of the Martial Arts. Years in the making this documentary is a collection of the best Masters of Budo .... Kar...

  • $14.09

  • Classic Japanese Karate Demonstrations DVD
  • Classic Japanese Karate Demonstrations Dvd
    SKU: VD7114A

    Some of the clips featured in this program date back as far as 1971 and; although some of the footage is not of the best quality; the dynamic action more than makes up for this. By current-day standards; even the action may seem a little `stilted' but nonetheless; in its day; this kind of action bro...

  • $23.90

  • Code of the Samurai DVD Alexander
  • Code Of The Samurai Dvd Alexander
    SKU: VD6150A-VD

    This DVD is a documentary created by George Alexander Ph.d.; who has studied the Samurai warrior for several decades. He shares with you information about these warriors of Japan; who they were; and how one became a samurai - what his training consisted of; and much more. You will also hear the stor...

  • $14.09

  • Early American Judo & Jujitsu DVD
  • Early American Judo & Jujitsu Dvd
    SKU: VD7383A-VD

    Narrated by Damian G. Chambers this DVD; Early American Judo And Ju Jitsu is a complete 45 lesson in Judo that features Martial Arts pioneer Bruce Tegner. This DVD was filmed mostly in and around 1948; and is part of the Tegner legacy which was created by primarily by Bruce and his mother that set t...

  • $14.09

  • Ed Parker Chinese Kenpo Karate Training DVD Richard Planas kempo martial arts
  • Ed Parker Chinese Kenpo Karate Training Dvd Richard Planas K...
    SKU: VD6878A

    The great master Richard Planas; black belt 10th Grade and one of the world wide top proponents Kenpo Karate- starts with his first volume; a series of video tapes; full of teachings and kept aspects to evolve in this system. As Ed Parker used to say 'the one who knows how he will always be a studen...

  • $23.90

  • Encyclopedia Who is Who in Martial Arts DVD Farkas
  • Encyclopedia Who Is Who In Martial Arts Dvd Farkas
    SKU: VD6140A

    Emil Farkas' Encyclopedia of Who is Who in Martial Arts DVD. Co-author of the best-selling book; The Encyclopedia of Martial Arts; known historian and author; Emil Farkas. From Andy Adams to Hidetaka Nishiyama; Farkas goes through them all; explaining who they are; and what their contributions were ...

  • $23.90

  • European Masters of Art DVD
  • European Masters Of Art Dvd
    SKU: VD7105A

    The Karate Union of Great Britain. Truly Masters of the art and their past record stands witness to this. Success however always attracts the cynic and the KUGB is no exception; but even their most ardent critic could not deny their consistency. Since the mid-1960s they have been at the forefront of...

  • $23.90

  • Fighting Spirit of Old Japan DVD Chambers
  • Fighting Spirit Of Old Japan Dvd Chambers
    SKU: VD7384A-VD

    Damian G Chambers narrates this extremely rare and valuable footage recovered from the archives of martial arts icon; Mel Bruno. This footage is presumed to be from the 1940s; shows Iaido; Kendo; Kenjitsu; Jo Do and Police Jo techniques never before seen on DVD. This high quality B/W footage was rec...

  • $14.12

  • Flexibility Training for Martial Arts DVD List Golds Gym
  • Flexibility Training For Martial Arts Dvd List Golds Gym
    SKU: VD7057A-VD

    Karl List is a world class personal trainer at the renowned Gold's Gym in Venice Beach; California. This is an exceptional DVD for those who have been able to realize the value of crosstraining for martial arts with strength; flexibility and speed training. This fitness expert is able to implement p...

  • $14.12

  • Gichin Funakoshi Karate Do My Way of Life DVD Alexander
  • Gichin Funakoshi Karate Do My Way Of Life Dvd Alexander
    SKU: VD7055A

    Gichin Funakoshi is considered by the Karate World as the one person who popularized Karate. He was the individual responsible for turning it from a small Island (Okinawa) art to something the world could enjoy and benefit from. On this DVD; you will learn from George W. Alexander; Phd.; and his per...

  • $23.90

  • Grand Patriarch Aikido Moreihei Ueshiba DVD
  • Grand Patriarch Aikido Moreihei Ueshiba Dvd
    SKU: VD6450A-VD

    WAY OF HARMONY - Moreihei Ueshiba. See the founder of Aikido perform at full speed with precision! He moves on his knees like most people walk across the room. He was most certainly a show man but like the old saying goes if you can do it it is not bragging it is a demonstration of your skill and Ma...

  • $14.12

  • Hung Gar Tiger Crane Kung Fu #3 Kung Ji Fook Kuen DVD Seng Jeorng Au tempting
  • Hung Gar Tiger Crane Kung Fu #3 Kung Ji Fook Kuen Dvd Seng J...
    SKU: VD7045A

    Volume 3 by Sifu Seng Jeorng Au KUNG JI FOOK FU KUEN (Tempting the Tiger Within Fist Set): This is the 1st of the 4 Pillars of Hung Gar. Hand Ch'i Kung is incorporated to create the Tiger's focus of purpose and the strength of the largest cat in nature.

  • $28.22

  • JKA Masters 50s DVD
  • Jka Masters 50s Dvd
    SKU: VD6036A

    JKA Masters of the 50's features Sensei's Nakayama; Nishiyama; Kanazawa; Enoeda; Mikami; Obata and many more of the top instructors of the Japan Karate Association . Enoeda sensei can be seen in a very rare footage preventing a rape in a scene test for a feature film. It also appears it was part of ...

  • $23.90

  • Kanazawa's 6th World Karate Championships DVD
  • Kanazawa's 6th World Karate Championships Dvd
    SKU: VD7058A-VD

    You will see a demonstration by Master Kanazawa performing one of his newly created katas; and you will see first-hand why he is acclaimed; world-wide; as karate's most talented technical Japanese karate master. There are also several matches from the 1996 ISKA World Championships in Milan; Italy; a...

  • $14.12

  • KI Unstoppable Life Force Within Us All DVD
  • Ki Unstoppable Life Force Within Us All Dvd
    SKU: VD7385A-VD

    Richard Kim began his training in 1925; over 75 years ago; and continued until his passing in 2001. One of his teachers was the legendary Wang Xiang Zhay; who taught him the secrets of the Chinese Internal Martial Arts when he lived he Shanghai; China; during the 2nd World War. In this DVD; he will ...

  • $14.12

  • Kimo Ferreira Kempo DVD
  • Kimo Ferreira Kempo Dvd
    SKU: VD6925A-VD

    Kimo Ferreira belongs to a long list of highly proficient martial arts master from the Polynesian Islands. His style of Kempo is fast; explosive and devastating. In the DVD you will be shown an incredible array of self defense techniques in various skill levels. He shows effective techniques for man...

  • $14.12

  • Kyu Ku Shin Way Karate DVD
  • Kyu Ku Shin Way Karate Dvd
    SKU: VD6014A-VD

    Kyo Ku Shin was the first full contact martial art to come out of Japan it is the roots of the K-1 or Pride or whatever else there is. FightingSpiritMagazine.Com This presentation is simply amazing you will see knock outs like you have never seen before. NO PADDING. The waterfall training; the ice w...

  • $14.12

  • Mastering Karate #2 Ashi Waza DVD Hirozaku Kanazawa  kicking stances
  • Mastering Karate #2 Ashi Waza Dvd Hirozaku Kanazawa Kicking...
    SKU: VD6631A-VD

    Featuring Master Hirokazu Kanazawa you will learn so much about kicking and the stances of karate your plate will be full for years trying to master these principles and techniques. He has poured it all out on the table for you to learn... Nothing is held back... it's all here: the how's and why's o...

  • $14.12

  • Mastering Karate Kancho Photography DVD Kanazawa
  • Mastering Karate Kancho Photography Dvd Kanazawa
    SKU: VD7009A

    This is a series of 6 slide shows of Master Hirokazu Kanazawa's life with music score. 60 minutes. Includes: 1. The Early Years - from Kancho's personal archives 2. The JKA Days - from the day the JKA was established and including rare; never before seen photos of Master Funakoshi! 3. Martial Arts M...

  • $23.90

  • Okinawan Goju #7 DVD Chinen 108 Questions
  • Okinawan Goju #7 Dvd Chinen 108 Questions
    SKU: VD6071A

    In this extensive comprehensive interview you will learn so much about Okinawan Goju; you will shake your head in amazement. Yes it is political; yes it is historical; yes it is compelling and yes it is totally controversial. But more than this you will learn and hear the stories of Busaganashi; the...

  • $23.90

  • Power Training For Martial Arts DVD Golds Gym
  • Power Training For Martial Arts Dvd Golds Gym
    SKU: VD7054A-VD

    This DVD was shot on location at Gold's Gym in Venice Beach; California; The Mecca Of Bodybuilding. World Class Personal Trainer; Karl List; will show you more in one hour about getting power into your technique; than you will learn in one year. He does not try to teach karate or any martial arts te...

  • $14.12


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