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  • 500 Centimeter Cubes with Storage Container
  • 500 Centimeter Cubes With Storage Container
    SKU: ESUP-001

    Explore, Discover, and PlayMathematics is used in almost every facet of daily life, but getting started can be a little overwhelming. There's just so many concepts to learn! Through exploration, discovery, and play, centimeter cubes are a great way for your child to develop a positive attitude towar...

  • $20.98

  • 8-pack Classroom Posters 17'' x 22''
  • 8-pack Classroom Posters 17'' X 22''
    SKU: ESUP-101

    Prepare for Success! Learning the basics doesn't have to be boring. This adorable set of educational posters is aimed to help little ones grasp the basics as they grow. Each poster focuses on a different area of learning for preschool, kindergarten, and elementary level learners. The information is ...

  • $24.99

  • Alphabet Bean Bags
  • Alphabet Bean Bags
    SKU: ESUP-301

    Crucial Learning with Bean Bags! When it comes to a child's development, education, physical activity, and fun are all equally important. Pint-Sized Scholars now has an Alphabet Bean Bag set that fulfills all three of those vital points of your little scholar's growth. Education: - Learn your...

  • $39.99

  • Assorted Color Table Caddies, 6-pack
  • Assorted Color Table Caddies, 6-pack
    SKU: ESUP-005

    Stack Up for Success Storage caddies are great for any classroom, home office, art project, or cleaning job. Kids will love the vibrant colors that differentiate each caddy, which will prevent them from getting belongings mixed up with a sibling or classmate. Staying organized is a good habi...

  • $27.49

  • Color Dot Dice, 25-pack
  • Color Dot Dice, 25-pack
    SKU: EDIC-001

    True ColorsThis set of 25 color dot dice is the perfect addition to early learning classrooms, home schools, and family game nights. Our 16mm six-sided dice feature six colorful dots per die. They're great for teaching primary colors blue, red, yellow, as well as secondary colors orange, green, and ...

  • $14.46

  • Feelings in a Flash Emotions Flashcards
  • Feelings In A Flash Emotions Flashcards
    SKU: EFLC-201

    Emotional Intelligence Builds Confidence!Who says kids shouldn't talk about feelings? A growing brain can be a wild place! Teaching your child to identify, understand, and deal with their emotions at a young age builds a foundation of confidence and self-awareness that will benefit them for a lifeti...

  • $17.72

  • How I'm Feeling Reversible Classroom Posters, 8-pack
  • How I'm Feeling Reversible Classroom Posters, 8-pack
    SKU: ESUP-102

    How are you feeling?This wonderful set of classroom posters gives names to important emotions we all feel but might not know how to process. Great for preschool and elementary school classrooms, as well as behavioral therapy, counselors, and special educators, this set of emotions posters offers hel...

  • $24.99

  • Jumbo Rainbow Eye Dropper, 6-Pack
  • Jumbo Rainbow Eye Dropper, 6-pack
    SKU: ESUP-002

    LEARNING WITH LIQUIDSOne of the easiest, and most fun ways to learn basic scientific concepts is here! Introducing Jumbo Rainbow Eyedroppers from Pint Size Scholars. This set includes 6 vivid and colorful eye droppers that are perfect for early learning and fostering interest in scientific discovery...

  • $17.34

  • Presidents Flashcards
  • Presidents Flashcards
    SKU: EFLC-301

    A MORE PERFECT UNION Throughout its almost 250 year history, the United States has had a lot of presidents! It can be tough to remember them all for a test or project at school, luckily Pint Size Scholars has the perfect study tool for you! Introducing United States Presidents Flashcards, a 50 Card ...

  • $12.83

  • Rainbow Tweezers, 6-pack
  • Rainbow Tweezers, 6-pack
    SKU: ESUP-003

    GETTING A GRIP As a parent, you want to do anything you can to give your child the tools to give them a leg up in their development. With Rainbow Tweezers from Pint Size Scholars, you can create plenty of exercises that provide multiple benefits to toddlers and preschool children. You can use the tw...

  • $15.54

  • States & Capitals Flashcards
  • States & Capitals Flashcards
    SKU: EFLC-302

    Learn US Geography & History, Fast!Fact: the United States of America is the world's third largest country in size and nearly the third largest in population. There are 50 states in the USA, each with their own unique histories, cultures, and identifiers! Get to know each state with these states and...

  • $12.83

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