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  • 10 Pack Toothbrush Set (pack of 6)
  • 10 Pack Toothbrush Set (pack Of 6)
    BRAND: bulk buys  |  SKU: KL22381

    Package: 6

    Perfect for families, this set of 10 toothbrush helps clean teeth and gums. Each toothbrush is made with transparent plastic and as a grip on handle for a smooth tooth cleaning experience. The toothbrushes comes in bright colors: blue, green and pink. The set comes packaged in a bl...

  • $56.16
    $29.28 47.86% Discount

    You save: $26.88

  • 2 Roller Back Scratcher (pack of 24)
  • 2 Roller Back Scratcher (pack Of 24)
    BRAND: bulk buys  |  SKU: KL13312

    Package: 24

    Great for scratching and massaging hard to reach places, this handy 2 Roller Back Scratcher features a scratcher end with 5 "fingers" and an opposite end handle with 2 textured massage rollers. Includes a red nylon cord for easy hanging storage. Made of bamboo with a clear protect...

  • $82.08
    $37.85 53.89% Discount

    You save: $44.23

  • 3 Pack Colorful Eyebrow Razor (pack of 12)
  • 3 Pack Colorful Eyebrow Razor (pack Of 12)
    BRAND: bulk buys  |  SKU: KL22804

    Package: 12

    Shape your eyebrows exactly how you want them in seconds with this 3 Pack Colorful Eyebrow Razor Set. It features reusable razors with long plastic handles and a protective transparent plastic safety covers. Each razor measures approximately 5 3/4" in length with a blade measureme...

  • $45.72
    $38.55 15.69% Discount

    You save: $7.17

  • 6 Piece Travel Toothbrush Set With Cases (pack of 6)
  • 6 Piece Travel Toothbrush Set With Cases (pack Of 6)
    BRAND: bulk buys  |  SKU: KL22989

    Package: 6

    This 6-Piece Travel Toothbrush Set with Cases is perfect for traveling. The toothbrush is gentle on teeth and gum while featuring a flexible handle. Great for brushing your teeth on the go - the toothbrush includes plastic for easy storing. The toothbrush comes in assorted red/whit...

  • $48.96
    $41.29 15.68% Discount

    You save: $7.68

  • 60pk Facial Pads (pack of 12)
  • 60pk Facial Pads (pack Of 12)
    BRAND: bulk buys  |  SKU: KL7313

    Package: 12

    60pk facial pads

  • $50.76
    $26.35 48.09% Discount

    You save: $24.41

  • 6pc 2 Ply Tissues (pack of 24)
  • 6pc 2 Ply Tissues (pack Of 24)
    BRAND: bulk buys  |  SKU: KL10592

    Package: 24

    6pc 2 ply tissues

  • $96.48
    $38.99 59.59% Discount

    You save: $57.49

  • Animal Bath Scrubber (pack of 24)
  • Animal Bath Scrubber (pack Of 24)
    BRAND: bulk buys  |  SKU: KL1119

    Package: 24

    Animal scrubbers are perfect for kids bath and shower times. Comes in assorted animals including: bear, frog, rabbit and duck. Colors can include light blue, green, pink and yellow. Has a nylon rope for convenient hanging. Comes packaged loose with a hang tag. Scrubbers are approx...

  • $80.64
    $37.85 53.06% Discount

    You save: $42.79

  • Bath Massage Glove (pack of 24)
  • Bath Massage Glove (pack Of 24)
    BRAND: bulk buys  |  SKU: KL1140

    Package: 24

    The massage glove soothes skin to feel fresh and healthy. Great for relaxation. Gloves are made with 100% nylon. Come in assorted colors. Each glove is packaged in a poly bag. Fits most hands. Colors: white,blue,pink

  • $71.28
    $33.95 52.37% Discount

    You save: $37.33

  • Bath Sponges & Foot Brush Set (pack of 24)
  • Bath Sponges & Foot Brush Set (pack Of 24)
    BRAND: bulk buys  |  SKU: KL13375

    Package: 24

    Gently scrub away dead skin and other surface impurities with this 3-piece Bath Sponges & Foot Brush Set featuring two mesh bath sponges and a body shaped foot brush. Comes in assorted colors. Comes packaged in a poly bag with a header card. Colors: white,yellow,green,blue,red,pin

  • $77.76
    $37.85 51.32% Discount

    You save: $39.91

  • Body Massage Roller Stick (pack of 4)
  • Body Massage Roller Stick (pack Of 4)
    BRAND: bulk buys  |  SKU: KL19192

    Package: 4

    Enjoy daily stress relief with this Body Massage Roller Stick featuring an easy to use self-massage tool with rotating grooved sections and textured anti-slip grips. Roller stick targets large muscle groups and helps relieve muscle knots. Compact, durable design complements your st...

  • $57.84
    $36.20 37.41% Discount

    You save: $21.64

  • Body Scrubber (assorted Colors) (pack of 24)
  • Body Scrubber (assorted Colors) (pack Of 24)
    BRAND: bath and body  |  SKU: KL1953

    Package: 24

    Nylon mesh scrubber with white braided nylon hanging rope. Comes in colors blue, white, pink and yellow. Is packed in a poly bag with header card and UPC. Rope length is 7", diameter of scrubber is approximately 4 1/2" Colors: white,yellow,blue,pink

  • $71.28
    $40.19 43.62% Discount

    You save: $31.09

  • Body Scrubber With Tray In Assorted Colors (pack of 24)
  • Body Scrubber With Tray In Assorted Colors (pack Of 24)
    BRAND: bulk buys  |  SKU: KL22458

    Package: 24

    Add your favorite body wash and massage all over for a clean and refreshed skin. The mesh Body Scrubber provides gentle exfoliation. The scrubber comes with a clear plastic soap tray. Both come packaged in a poly bag with a hanging card header. The body scrubbers come in assorted

  • $63.36
    $33.95 46.42% Discount

    You save: $29.41

  • Body Spa Kit (pack of 2)
  • Body Spa Kit (pack Of 2)
    BRAND: bulk buys  |  SKU: KL21205

    Package: 2

    Relax, renew and refresh with this Body Spa Kit! Includes: 1 double-sided back scrubber and massaging foot brush. The back scrubber helps stimulate circulation while the massaging foot brush can help relax tired feet. Comes packaged in a hanging box measuring approximately 12" x 2.

  • $57.54
    $33.81 41.24% Discount

    You save: $23.73

  • Compact Body Massager (pack of 16)
  • Compact Body Massager (pack Of 16)
    BRAND: bulk buys  |  SKU: KL19277

    Package: 16

    Give yourself a massage anytime and anywhere with this Compact Body Massager featuring an elegant, compact design with a unique touch-activated power button. Comfort a fatigued body, soothe tired, aching feet and relax strained muscles with this handheld device. Includes a nylon h...

  • $54.24
    $31.46 42.00% Discount

    You save: $22.78

  • Complete Bath & Shower Set (pack of 6)
  • Complete Bath & Shower Set (pack Of 6)
    BRAND: bulk buys  |  SKU: KL18196

    Package: 6

    Great for everyday use and travel, this 4-piece Complete Bath & Shower Set comes with everything you need for the ultimate bathing experience and allover smooth skin. Set includes: 1 pumice stone with rope hanger, 1 wooden hair brush, 1 wooden nail brush with natural bristles and 1...

  • $76.68
    $38.27 50.09% Discount

    You save: $38.41

  • Cotton Swab Pack (pack of 24)
  • Cotton Swab Pack (pack Of 24)
    BRAND: bulk buys  |  SKU: KL1146

    Package: 24

    This pack of 425 double tipped cotton swabs has cushioned ends and a flexible stem. The stems come in the assorted colors of neon yellow, neon green and magenta. Comes in blister card package. Colors: yellow,green,magenta

  • $82.08
    $52.18 36.43% Discount

    You save: $29.90

  • Cupcake And Donut Bath Bomb Assortment (pack of 24)
  • Cupcake And Donut Bath Bomb Assortment (pack Of 24)
    BRAND: bulk buys  |  SKU: KL23112

    Package: 24

    Fill up your tub with water and drop a bath bomb in. Enjoy a refreshing soak in the tub with Cupcake and Donut Bath Bomb Assortment. Great for children of 6 years of age and above. It comes packaged in a blister pack.

  • $56.16
    $47.36 15.67% Discount

    You save: $8.80

  • Dentafresh Flossers (pack of 24)
  • Dentafresh Flossers (pack Of 24)
    BRAND: bulk buys  |  SKU: KL21353

    Package: 24

    Keep good dental hygiene with this disposable dental flossers. It is easy to use and floss to prevent cavities. It cleans between teeth and stimulates your gums. Floss between your teeth with a gentle back and forth motion. It will remove food particles while stimulating your gums...

  • $53.28
    $29.94 43.81% Discount

    You save: $23.34

  • Dental Hygiene Kit (pack of 12)
  • Dental Hygiene Kit (pack Of 12)
    BRAND: bulk buys  |  SKU: KL10015

    Package: 12

    This dental hygiene kit comes with everything needed to take care of teeth and gums! Includes: 1 medium bristle toothbrush, 1 toothbrush cover, 6 dental floss picks and 1 pack of dental floss. Toothbrushes are assorted in color and can include aqua, red or blue. Set is packaged on...

  • $52.92
    $27.78 47.51% Discount

    You save: $25.14


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