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  • Innerloc Gator Grapple Point
  • Innerloc Gator Grapple Point
    SKU: 9619

    Cross drilled so you can attach your line directly to the point. Penetrates freely and supplies a larger holding area. Heat tempered stainless steel. Anti vibration tips. For 5/16 shaft size.

  • $20.92

  • Muzzy Bowfishing Gaff 24 in.
  • Muzzy Bowfishing Gaff 24 In.
    SKU: 1001197

    The Muzzy Bowfishing Gaff features a 24” aluminum handle, steel hook and a foam rubber grip.

  • $31.19

  • Muzzy EXT Bowfishing Reel w/150# Line & Extended Hood
  • Muzzy Ext Bowfishing Reel W/150# Line & Extended Hood
    SKU: 11097

    Extended hood for smoother, more accurate shots.All stainless steel and brass system.Saltwater rated.Pre-spooled with 150' of 150 lb line.Stainless steel roller pick up pin.Automotive style disc drag.Right and left hand adjustable.

  • $79.04
    $72.34 8.48% Discount

    You save: $6.70

  • Muzzy Extreme Spincast Bowfishing Kit w/Extended Hood
  • Muzzy Extreme Spincast Bowfishing Kit W/extended Hood
    SKU: 17507

    Everything you need to get your bow ready to bowfish.Includes; Tac Rail reel seat, Fish Hook arrow rest, finger savers, classic white fiberglass fish arrow with carp point and a XD reel with an extended hood for smoother line flow.

  • $145.79
    $128.26 12.02% Discount

    You save: $17.53

  • Muzzy Fish Hook Bowfishing Rest
  • Muzzy Fish Hook Bowfishing Rest
    SKU: 2669

    3-sided capture arrow rest. Height adjustable for "off the shelf" shooting. Finger or release. Right or left hand.

  • $22.00

  • Muzzy Iron 2 Blade Chartruse Arrow
  • Muzzy Iron 2 Blade Chartruse Arrow
    SKU: 11032

    New Muzzy bottle slide installed.Available with Gar point or Iron 2 or 3-barb.Drilled and pinned.Nock installed.

  • $28.89

  • Muzzy Line Puller
  • Muzzy Line Puller
    SKU: 11054

    Machined aluminum construction.Mounts to sight mounting locations on bow riser.Tac rail for accessories.

  • $23.01

  • Muzzy Mantis II Bowfishing Rest
  • Muzzy Mantis Ii Bowfishing Rest
    SKU: 1001195

    The Muzzy Mantis II features an anodized aluminum frame, full containment, no-wear delrin arrow pad, laser etched marking for windage adjustments and a rotatable frame for elevation adjustments and alignment.

  • $47.30
    $46.78 1.10% Discount

    You save: $0.52

  • Muzzy Replacement Carp Tip 2 pk.
  • Muzzy Replacement Carp Tip 2 Pk.
    SKU: 9232

    Screws on to any Muzzy point with a replaceable tip. Specifically designed for proper penetration on soft fleshed fish such as carp and suckers.

  • $9.69

  • Muzzy Shoot Through Rod Spincast Reels
  • Muzzy Shoot Through Rod Spincast Reels
    SKU: 85870

    The Muzzy Shoot Through Rods extend the life of your reel by reducing side torque on the main shaft. Allows line to flow freely from the spool. Constructed of stainless steel.

  • $33.06

  • Muzzy Vice Bowfishing Kit LH
  • Muzzy Vice Bowfishing Kit Lh
    SKU: 1001196

    Adjustable Draw Weight: 30-60 poundsAdjustable Draw Length: 24.5"-31"Net Weight: 3.8 lbsArrow Speed: Up to 320 fpsAxle to Axle: 30"Brace Height: 7.5"Let-Off: 75%Includes:
    Muzzy Vice Compound Bowfishing Bow with Finger Guards Installed.XD Pro Reel with Integrated Reel Seat and Pre-spooled with 150...

  • $311.80
    $266.27 14.60% Discount

    You save: $45.53

  • Muzzy XD Pro Spin Style Bowfishing Reel w/150lb Line
  • Muzzy Xd Pro Spin Style Bowfishing Reel W/150lb Line
    SKU: 21069

    Exclusive reel mounting bracket reduces overall weight. New switch activates free spool mode. Improved hood design for smoother line feed. (1) 50', 150# line pre-installed. All stainless and brass drive system. Stainless steel roller pick up pin. Saltwater rated.

  • $102.05
    $93.04 8.83% Discount

    You save: $9.01

  • Piranha Bowfishing Kit
  • Piranha Bowfishing Kit
    SKU: 4995

    Bowfishing kit includes: Cajun screw-on fish reel w/50' of 80# test line. Solid fiberglass shaft w/Piranha Point and rubber fletching.

  • $31.25

  • PSE Snap Shot Bowfishing Rest
  • Pse Snap Shot Bowfishing Rest
    SKU: 68726

    Full capture bow fishing rest. High grade aluminum and stainless steel construction. Great for beginner or veteran shooters.

  • $59.79
    $49.84 16.64% Discount

    You save: $9.95

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