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  • * Woodys Arrow Lube
  • * Woodys Arrow Lube
    SKU: 4490

    Patented arrow lube comes with dauber applicator for uniform lubrication of shaft. Since the foam is non absorbing, lubricant is not lost and makes arrow removal easy without damaging target.

  • $14.32

  • Archers Allen Wrench Set w/Holster
  • Archers Allen Wrench Set W/holster
    SKU: 2519

    Made of Protanium Steel Won't strip out — won't round corners Great for sights, rests, limb bolts & more Positive stop at 270º open Holster keeps at reach Made in USA Unconditional lifetime guaranteeWrench sizes included:
    3/16" – 5/32" – 9/64 – 1/8" – 7/64" – 3/32" – 5/64" ...

  • $14.12

  • Archers XL Allen Wrench Set
  • Archers Xl Allen Wrench Set
    SKU: 2553

    The Archer's Allen Wrench has been the staple item for pro shops and home bowsmiths alike. We now have a second version which has two larger wrench sizes to accommodate the limb bolts on the Mathews and BowTech bows. Guaranteed for life not strip out or round the corners. Includes sizes: 5/16", 3/32...

  • $14.98

  • BCY Model 26 String Server
  • Bcy Model 26 String Server
    SKU: 8724

    Larger exit hole with brass eyelet to reduce abrasion.Adjustable tension control.Frame construction of rugged, reinforced ABS plastic.Easy to string up.Accepts standard jig spools.Use with all types of serving materials.Serving not included.

  • $23.66

  • Loop Set Pliers
  • Loop Set Pliers
    SKU: 9819

    Putting on a D-loop has never been easier. Makes the D-loop the same each time.D-loop will not slip or turn. Pre-stretches loop.

  • $32.49
    $24.99 23.08% Discount

    You save: $7.50

  • ML6 Streamline String Wax Tube
  • Ml6 Streamline String Wax Tube
    SKU: 2385

    Recommended for use with Streamline bowstring to increase the string's life and durability.

  • $13.07

  • OMP Arrow Prep Tool
  • Omp Arrow Prep Tool
    SKU: 45409

    Preps an arrow shaft for installing points and inserts. Cleans all regular sized .246-.247 ID carbon shafts.

  • $12.36

  • OMP Mountain Flex Pro Recurve Stringer Orange/Green
  • Omp Mountain Flex Pro Recurve Stringer Orange/green
    SKU: 37286

    Soft, flexible limb grippers that really grab the bow for easy stringing. Easy adjustment to fit all bow lengths. Recurve has 1 narrow/1 wide gripper; longbow are both narrow. Orange / Green.

  • $16.09

  • OMP Pro Shop Hex Wrench Set  .050-3/16"
  • Omp Pro Shop Hex Wrench Set .050-3/16"
    SKU: 60832

    Turn-n-flip handle design for ultimate tool positioning. Extra tough handle is 40% stronger than steel. .050, 1/16", 5/64", 3/32", 7/64", 1/8", 9/64", 5/32" and 3/16".

  • $12.61

  • OMP Pro Shop Hex Wrench Set 5/64" - 1/4"
  • Omp Pro Shop Hex Wrench Set 5/64" - 1/4"
    SKU: 60833

    Turn-n-flip handle design for ultimate tool positioning. Extra tough handle is 40% stronger than steel. 5/64", 3/32", 7/64", 1/18", 9/64", 5/32", 3/16", 7/32" and 1/4".

  • $14.11

  • Pro Bow Square
  • Pro Bow Square
    SKU: 580010

    Dual clips for precise nocking point positioning. Does not affect any other bowstring accessory when in place.

  • $12.46

  • Recurve Bow Stringer
  • Recurve Bow Stringer
    SKU: 1418

    Used to string recurve or straight bow sets to 70 lbs. Top limb gripper fits below string loop for easy access to upper limb string notches.

  • $22.04
    $18.38 16.61% Discount

    You save: $3.66

  • Recurve Bow Stringer
  • Recurve Bow Stringer
    SKU: 2267

    Features a lower limb boot designed to prevent lower limb twist. Upper limb cup securely holds limb tip while stringing or unstringing. Made of heavy suede leather and 380 lb test nylon cord. Adjusts to any bow length.

  • $21.46

  • Recurve/Longbow Stringer
  • Recurve/longbow Stringer
    SKU: 9705

    Designed for recurves and long bows. New large tip to help retain string in groove. New small tip allows more room for stringing or unstringing.

  • $14.29

  • Saunders Bow Square
  • Saunders Bow Square
    SKU: 0428

    The 5/16" rod extension on the Forked Horn Bow Square sits on the rest in the same position as an arrow. New model is offset and does not touch kisser.

  • $18.14
    $16.37 9.76% Discount

    You save: $1.77

  • String Loop Nocking Plier
  • String Loop Nocking Plier
    SKU: 580040

    Opens nock point without damage. 2 hole sizes for nock point installment on all bow strings. Comfortable extra large grips.

  • $17.70

  • Weight System Adjustment Wrench
  • Weight System Adjustment Wrench
    SKU: 11117

    Gold Tip's Weight System Adjustment Wrench allows you to add or remove weights from your points or inserts after they are glued into the shaft.

  • $13.27

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