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YouTube and whatever happened to its founders

Just fourteen short years ago, above a pizzeria and Japanese restaurant in San Mateo, California three young ex Paypal employees-Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim had a dream to create a user-friendly video-sharing platform where potential users could share videos highlighting their travels, personal experiences and favorite movies. Little did they know that the social media platform they called “YouYube,” would become a megalithic enterprise which fourteen years later would be worth in the region of  $40 billion.

Today Youtube has managed to grab almost ½ of the world's internet users, gaining a phenomenal one billion unique users from all walks of life who between them, view over seven billion hours of video every single month. The internet would never be the same again, and as mentioned above, it would take its founding fathers just fourteen short years to achieve a success unparalleled to anything the online world had ever seen before, and perhaps since.

The growth of YouTube from the first-ever Youtube video, a short 19-second video named “Me at the zoo,” uploaded by one of youtube's founding members “Jawed Karim” under the user name “Jawed,”  a video which had no music just a rathered bored-looking Jawed Karim who was seen in front of a few elephants saying, All right, so here we are in front of the, uh, elephants, and the cool thing about these guys is that, is that they have really, really, really long, um, trunks, and that's, that's cool, and that's pretty much all there is to say”. It was described by “The Observer” as being of poor quality; however, the Los Angeles Times has since said that the video ushered in the golden era of the sixty-second video, and was responsible for altering the way people digested and consumed media of their own choice today.

Today the YouTube video “Me At The Zoo” has generated over 79 billion views and has become a bastion of just how simply a video can be created using the YouTube social media platform, thus turning many of us into would be Hollywood producers and directors.

From then on just like little acorns, YouTube exploded across the world wide web, and just five months later in September of 2005, a Nike promotional film which showed the footballer Ronaldinho juggling a set of footballs reached over a million global views, Youtube had come of age, and it was just five months old.

At this point it would be remiss of me if I did not mention that YouTubes' early success was helped on its way with a massive injection of cash by Sequoia Capital who invested $3.5 million into the fledgeling company, an investment, which I am sure they have got back many times over in the years that followed.

Youtube, just like many other high profile social media platforms was purchased by the internet giant Google in November of 2006 for a pricetag of US$1.5 Billion, not bad for a company who had only been in business for a few months.

What happened to the YouTube founders after they sold YouTube to Google?

The simple answer is that all went on to create many other things:

Steve Chen and Chad Hurley went on to create “AVOS Systems” a platform where developers can develop Apps in realtime. After leaving, he went onto to become a partner at Google Ventures, where he still acts as an advisor today while juggling his time between a new online website he has created called “NOM,” which is a live cooking platform.

Chad Hurley

Chad, as mentioned above, was also a founding member of AVOS Systems along with Steve Chen. It was while working here that they purchased Delicious from Yahoo which was quickly sold off to MixBit, another video sharing platform. Then after Steve Chen decided to leave AVOS Systems Chad and the rest of AVOS Systems focused most of their time solely on MixBit.

Chad also loves formula one racing, basketball and soccer, so much so that he is now a part-owner of the Golden State Warriors basketball team and the Los Angeles Galaxy soccer team.

Jawed Karim

After Youtube, Jawed founded and launched his own venture capital fund named Youversity Ventures better known as Y Ventures, who had as part of their portfolio the company called “Milo,” which was purchased by eBay and Airbnb. Today apart from this, he is still a very active investor, investing in many other companies.

How does Youtube or Google pay its contributors?

For starters, if you want to earn money from your YouTube videos by adding Google Adsense adverts to them, you must set up a YouTube Channel, and then, you must generate at least one thousand subscribers to your channel, something which can seem daunting to some YouTube users. Once you have all these subscribers, you will then have to wait until you have earned a minimum of 4,000 public watch hours, once this has happened then the sky is the limit, and you can begin to place Google Adsense adverts onto your Youtube Channel.

In ending, YouYube according to many analysts, was purchased from its founding fathers at a steal of a price, and as Google never divulges just how much revenue is generated by the YouTube platform, we have to rely on analysts. However, we do know that potentially, Youtube earns more than Twitter's projected balance of $30 billion and Facebook it is known has topped over 200 billion, so chances are that Youtube’s net value forms a significant part of the estimated $400 billion Google’s net worth.

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