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how to lose weight

How to Lose Weight

People, it would seem, have been trying to lose weight for hundreds of years, some succeed, and some do not. In fact, most people who enter into any form of diet plan fail on their first attempt (most attempt at least four times per year before they find a method that works for them) generally because they tend to set unrealistic, unnecessary goals. The trick for any dieter is to go slowly, or as they say, “take little baby steps,” whilst at the same time remembering that dieting is not a competition. You are not dieting in-order to impress someone, you are dieting because you want to, and are doing it in order to improve your health, and if along the way you have a few stumbles, so-be-it, no one is perfect.

The Worlds first Dietician

As mentioned above people have been trying to lose weight or improve their health for hundreds of years, but most attempts to diet were usually attempted using a persons own methods. Methods which on many occasions were doomed to failure and more importantly dangerous to a person's personal health.

 It would take an obese British doctor named George Cheyne who in 1724 was so worried about his health, especially his weight caused by the vast amounts of sweets, desserts, meats, wines and fats he ate almost continuously throughout the day, to come up with his own meatless, rich in vegetable and milk diet. A diet which proved so successful that he decided to recommend it to the public in an essay he called “AN ESSAY OF HEALTH AND LONG LIFE” advocating people to exercise, get lots of fresh air, and avoid eating luxury foods like sweets, desserts and meats.

Dieting from that time on would never be the same, and in fact, it is estimated that at least one in three Americans (85% are women) will be on a diet at any given time, spending a mammoth sixty billion dollars on “diet foods,” “supplements” and  “specific training regimes” every year in America alone.

Yes, health and diet is a multibillion-dollar business in America and around the world. In America 82.1 million men, women and children have a gym membership spending an estimated “twenty-eight billion dollars on membership every year.”

Types of Diets

There are literally thousands and thousands of diets out there, and as mentioned above, not all are good for you, so be careful in your choice.

The first published diet which became popular was the "Banting Diet", it was published in 1863 and named after an English undertaker called  William Banting. The short book would form the basis of all the modern-diets we use today. The diet was written in booklet form and was called “Letter on Corpulence,” and was addressed to all members of the public. The diet emphasized that all should eat four times a day with meals containing meat, greens, fruits all washed down with good dry wine. The menu also advocated that all should not ingest sugar, starchy foods, sweet foods, milk, beer, or butter. So popular was this diet that it was common for people to say "Do you bant?"  This terminology became so popular that it is still used today in many dieting” communities, the book remains in print to this day.

Calorie Counting or Low-Calorie-Diets

The first weight-loss Calorie-Counting or Low-Calorie-Diet book was first made famous by Lulu Hunt Peters, an American columnist and physician who in 1918 wrote and published the best seller “Diet and Health: With Key to the Calories.” This book was to become the model which the well-known dieting company Weight Watchers used as the backbone for all their dieting programs of today.

Basically producing an energy deficit of about five hundred to one thousand calories per day, this diet usually on average results in a weight loss of between, 1.1 to 2.2 lbs (0,5 to 1 Kilogram) per week. It should be notated that special care should be taken when dieting using this method as according to the “National Institutes of Health,” the number of calories a man or a woman requires to maintains a healthy lifestyle is different. For women, they should ensure they intake at least 1000 calories a day, while men should digest a minimum of 1,200 calories a day an amount which Weight Watchers themselves promote.

Another caveat of entering into a “low-calorie dieting regime” is that age has a determinating factor as to the minimum safe levels of calories required by a person to have a healthy body, so if you are considering a low-calorie diet, consult a professional health person or your doctor before beginning any form of a nutritional regime.

Weight loss clubs and groups

There are many clubs and groups a person can turn too for help in order to make their dieting and weight loss program easier, some are free while others charge for membership.

Overeaters Anonymous is a free twelve-step dieting program and has over 6,500 meetings in over 85 different countries throughout the world, there is no cost to become a member of this dieting group. Find a meeting website located at the following link “Find a Meeting,” enables you to use their search button to locate a meeting close to your location, or you can opt for a realtime online session using their app.

Tops is a Canadian and American free weight loss program with over 125,000 both male and female members. Tops hold regular weekly meetings which are all geared towards healthy eating, regular exercise and wellness, you can find the closest chapter meeting by utilizing the following link “My Tops.”

Weight Watchers Perhaps the most recognizable of them all, is not free. Founded in 1963 by Queens, New York City homemaker Jean Nidetch, they have a net income as of 2017 of ‎$163.514 million and have 18,000 employees all of whom serve a membership of 4.6 million members worldwide. You can find more information relating to Weight Watchers by following the following link “My Weight Watchers.”

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Kind Regards and Happy Dieting


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