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warmer kit: helping you stay warm when camping and hunting

Warmer kitWinter season is almost here, but it does not necessarily mean it is time for you to hide your fishing gear and postpone your camping trip. The wintertime creates a perfect scenery and ambiance, and it also presents different type of exhilarating challenges. It may be tough to stand against the freezing wind, but with the right warmer kit you can keep yourself warm and have fun in this unforgiving weather.


List of Gears That You Need to Include in Your Warmer Kit

When the winter season is here, the key to keep your body warm is layering. Here are some of the important gear that you should definitely pack in your warmer kits when going on a fishing or camping trip during the cold season.


Wicking or Base Layer

This is also called long underwear. The lower layer should be worn closer to our skin. The primary purpose of the base layer is to absorb the moisture and sweat which will keep our body dry. The best type of base layer should be made from synthetic or wool. Avoid choosing cotton since this fabric will not keep your body warm once it becomes wet. You should also pay attention on the weight of the base layer. The heavy type is ideal for freezing condition while the lighter one is ideal for warmer and intense activities. The best base layer to include in your warmer kit should depend upon your condition.



The insulation is normally worn above the base layer which is intended to provide your insulation. The best type of insulation to add in your warmer kit should be created from synthetic fabric, wool or fleece. Contingent upon the level of insulation that you require, you may choose from vest, pull-over or zip-up.



The outer layer of your outfit should protect your body against wet condition and wind. In case you are looking for a shell to include in your warmer kit, there are two types of shell to choose from. The hard shell has the capability to withstand strong rain and violent wind. The soft shell is enough to protect you against rain but not a downpour. 


Gears for Your Head

You should not leave your head unprotected when you are camping during the winter season. You may add a headlamp or a hat in your warmer kit. Any portion of your body that is exposed can easily lose heat during the cold season. Using earflaps will prove to be handy. This will allow you to trap the highest amount of heat in your body. Headlamps can help you find the right path in the dark.

Finally, you should also take good care of your hand and your feet. For your feet, the best type of warmer kit would be waterproof socks and boots. With regards to your hand, there are mitten and gloves available at Bargain Brute. You can also keep your body warm by choosing foods that will burn slowly.

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