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video games: why xbox one is the next generation console you should choose

The title of the best console to date has not reached a conclusive and widely accepted winner yet and the argument is still as heated between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One fans. Both of these next generation consoles have brought something new to the table for gamers but Xbox One has an edge over Playstation 4 with some of its features that have even converted many of the Playstation fans into choosing Xbox One as their preferred choice of consoles.

It’s time to list down the features that make Xbox One a better console than Playstation 4. Yes, that’s right, and here are the reasons to back the claim up.

1. Xbox One is more feasible for those on a budget

Our pursuit of the best things is not holistic without considering the cost. Technology like phones and other devices can be developed into top of the line products but the challenge for manufacturers is to make it economical enough to receive good feedback from the market, and Xbox One has won this round. The Playstation 4 Pro costs $399 while Xbox One S (a worthy competitor) is only $299, clearly being a more budget friendly choice.

2. Ultra HD Blu-ray

Another perk that’s absent in Playstation 4 but present in Xbox One is a built-in Ultra HD Blu-ray player. Ultra-HD displays a visual output that is four times the pixel count of 1080p, given that you have a 4K resolution television to support the realistic video. The built-in Ultra HD Blu-ray coupled with the 4K resolution and high dynamic range make the Xbox One a great platform to enjoy movies in ultra high definition as well as games on a budget.

3. You can get five games bundled along with your Xbox One

There are different kinds of bundles that you can get for the Xbox one with different games. Everybody loves a free game along with the console and it is even better if you get five of them! If you’re looking for games other than the bundles that come along with your brand new Xbox One, you can get them in affordable prices too. Whether you’re into Adventure video games, Role playing, Action or First Person Shooter games, you can find them all at a reasonable price here.

4. Microsoft’s bonus “play anywhere” policy

The exclusive games that come only for Xbox One now have an exciting twist to them and PC gamers are going to love it. Microsoft’s “play anywhere” feature means that when you buy an exclusive game for your Xbox One, you will also get a copy of that game for your PC. So, if you have windows 10 and a knack for playing games on PC, you can play the game on your Xbox One or your computer! You can even use the Xbox One controller to play the game on your PC because Xbox One controllers are PC compatible.

5. Backwards compatibility

You can’t play Playstation 3 games on Playstation 4 because Playstation 4 isn’t backward compatible, but Xbox One is! Which means you can just pop one of your beloved Xbox 360 games into your Xbox One and start playing right away.






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