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who decided and why 3% of the population makes 97% of the money

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Who decided that we should spend our lives chasing a single income? I think about my children and their futures all of the time. I think about the example I set for them. The example they see around them, and the difference. We have been taught that we go to school and then get job. We have been convinced that the better the education we have, the more money we will make. You do not have to be smart to earn a lot of money. Heck I have earned tremendous amounts of money and I had no idea what I was doing. There are people that can neither functionally read or write who are multi-millionaires, and there are people who are walking the street who are absolutely brilliant and they are broke. I do not think education has anything to do with it. It has nothing to do with gender. It has nothing to do with geography. It has nothing to do with working hard. I watched a TV show a few weeks ago on Robin Leach. He has interviewed more wealthy and successful people than any living person and he said the wealthiest, most successful people he has met, he has never seen them working. You may think, "Well what are they doing?" We have been trained that we have to go to work. I teach my kids that there are three strategies for earning money. I call them M1, M2, and M3. Remember that what you do not teach your kids they will inherit. If you teach your kids anything, teach them how to earn money. M1 is used by the masses, but M3 is the one you want to teach your kids. M1 is used by 96 people out of 100. It is by far the worst way to earn money........................... It is working, trading time for money. If you have any money later in life by following this strategy, it's at the expense of a life. You earn a bit and build security by squirrelling some away which eats at your disposable income. So we live our life, but at the expense of having the car or house we want. While one person is setting there thinking of buying a car, another person is thinking of buying the whole dealership. Yet they are using the same mental faculty and thought power. This is just the worst way. Trading time for money. You will never get ahead of the game doing just this. M2 is a good strategy, but it is only used by 3 people out of 100. This is where we invest money to earn money. Some people are very good at doing this, however most people are not. The ones that win at this strategy are in the minority. Now M3 is the one I stumbled with, but one day it happened. I moved from M1 to M3 and over night everything changed. Now this is the strategy that the 3% use. They use it to earn 96% of the money. They do not teach this in school, but we do in my house. 3% of the population earns 96% of the money. They do it by compounding their time and setting up multiple sources of income. They do not have one source of income, they have multiple sources of income. My 8yo daughter asked me how we get to that point, and I told her that we get there by deciding that is where we are going. I believe and what I teach my children is that it has to do with awareness. Things in your life do not happen unless you decide they will happen. Let's love our families and take the approaches in life that will ensure their success. Fill your children with knowledge. If you do not they get filled with whatever they are told by others. Email me with any questions or comment below. I want to see you succeed. I think you are smart and amazing. Let's help each other if we can.


Douglas Vandergraph

CEO of Vandergraph Worldwide



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