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thoughts become things

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Thoughts become things, and they do. Your thoughts are energy moving through the mind. We can detect this energy and prove its existence with machines designed to monitor it, primarily the EEG. We can actually witness energy leaving the human body using Kirlian photography. Everything around you is energy in one form or another, but all made up of the exact same thin. Consider a glass of water for instance. We all remember from high school science class that water is in a state of vibration where the molecules move around each other at a specific rate. When heat is applied to the water the molecules will speed up and the water becomes steam. Steam is still the same energy, it has now just assumed a new form. If we decrease the temperature below 32 degrees, the steam will become a solid we know as ice. The temperatures are not the focus here. What I wanted to show is that a single type of energy can easily reform into different physical states. If the scientific principle holds true, and please keep in mind this is truth until someone proves it to be wrong, then the energy which is your thoughts has the exact same ability to reform into physical presence. Any idea, either feared or revered, that is emphasized in the mind will immediately begin to clothe itself in the most convenient way possible. This is motivation for you to stay positive and monitor your thinking. These are things we will continue to discuss as a part of our conversation.


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