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samsung tv transforms into artwork

Image result for free picture of samsung 43 inch frame tv


Samsung has a new shape-shifting television series that is currently available for purchase on the internet: a slick, 43-inch 4K TV that doubles as a piece of minimalist artwork.

The 43-inch iteration of this Frame tv set is the smallest-The Frame's allure lies in its ability to transform your wallspace to a work of artwork; a movement sensor picks up when you are in the room and immediately transforms the display into a pre-selected art piece that brightens and dims based on the room's lighting.

There is 100 free artwork options in Samsung's online art collection (think: clean architectural backdrops, technicolor still lifes, and a collection of surrealist Nigerian sketches), but if none of them are to your liking, you may opt to pay $5 a month on an artwork-based subscription version that offers access to an ever-growing range of curated art. Otherwise, you can buy single selections of electronic art, all of which will run you around $20 per piece.

Samsung has set up a smart business model for the set, offering a lineup of accessories that are customizable to trick out the TV with regard to your tastes, you can choose from a choice of woodsy bezels that clip on the TV's sides and can be found in either walnut, oak, or white.

At $1,300, it is still a luxury item, but it is less than half the price of Samsung's expensive 65-inch predecessor, which makes the choice to gussy up your TV set just a tad less expensive. True, the Frame TV won't fool everybody into believing it's a conventional piece of art -- it still has that sheeny veneer of an LCD screen masquerading as fine art -- but it is undoubedtly an improvement on the darkened flatscreen inhabiting your living room.






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