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inspiration and motivation:thinking as if i were a child can make me rich!

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When I came out of the bedroom this morning my daughters were waiting for me in the living room. I love seeing there just woke up beautiful little sleepy faces. (I just made myself smile) When my 8yo saw me she said "Dad, if I get my schoolwork for today completed I can work on what's due for next week. . If I do that work I can take the rest of the week off!!!" What a marvelous idea. Imagine if we all approached our daily lives with the enthusiasm of an accomplished 8yo. I assured her that she could do just as she has suggested. I grabbed my backpack and started for the door. Of course my girls rushed me for a hug and a kiss. I kissed my amazing wife goodbye and out the door I went. As I walked to the garage I heard the screen door on the deck open up on the upstairs patio and little feet. My girls looked over the deck and said goodbye and I love you several times. I thought to myself, "What if we approached all of our personal relationships with the enthusiasm and sincerity of children?" If we did, I guarantee it would bring success into our lives. I do not think it matters what we are doing, I think it matters how we are doing it. Our children do not know the limitations of the world around us, they are natural born risk takers. They can do nothing but be successful at being children. I think we need to forget about the limitations of the world around us and take on the persona of a child. Anything we want we can have. We just have to make the decision to do it. While one mans goal is to buy a car, another is thinking about buying the dealership. They both are using the same brain physiology, only their thoughts about what they can have or want are different. If they both get what they want, then so to will their results differ. My daughters have inspired me to buy the dealership today! I am going to approach my day as if my days efforts would allow me to take next week off! I will also be greeting those I meet with great enthusiasm! I hope you decide to take on bigger and better things for your families success today. I believe in you! :)



Douglas Vandergraph

CEO Vandergraphworldwide



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