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important advice for every man

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As a businessman, the fact that I am married and have children tells others something about me. Whether others realize it or not they perceive me differently than they do my single counterparts. Married men are usually viewed by others as being more reliable and stable. The fact that you are married shows others that you are not afraid of commitment. Adding children to this equation shows a sense of responsibility. As a man or woman you can enhance this image by speaking in a positive fashion about your family at all times. Ensure your spouse has nice clothes and feels loved by you. A person who feels loved glows in a way others do not. When life presents challenges, turn to your spouse for advice. They are your partner and not a vetting point for your ego. The ego stays outside of the home. The home is a team zone. You have nothing to prove by winning over on your spouse and children. They are your team. By winning an argument you decide to have with your spouse or children, means they lose. You are a team and when one member of that team loses you all lose! Your children are a direct reflection of your behaviors and habits. You can tell everything you want to know about people by how their children act, speak, dress, and treat others. That is very important! Read it again! We can win, and we can win in a big way. Winning starts at home. If you are handling your responsibilities at home, I guarantee your business life will reflect that behaviorism. We are creatures of habit, so let's pick up some good ones and share them with our spouse and kids. They love us more than anyone else in the world. How are they showing that they love you? If they are not showing it then I think you need to ask yourself how you are showing them. Set the example before someone else sets it in their minds for you. The more I love my family, and show them that love the more money, success, and happiness I seem to receive. It works like magic.


Douglas Vandergraph

CEO Vandergraph Worldwide




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