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apple does the right thing after apology

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IPhone late on Thursday did the perfect thing and eventually apologized for the iPhone downturn scandal. In a lengthy letter to clients, Apple explained why iPhones with older batteries have been slowed down and announced new steps intended to address your concerns.

Apple is making battery replacements for out-of-warranty iPhones cheaper than ever, even though the procedure isn't free of charge. As opposed to paying $79 for a new battery, you will need to pay only $29, and the cost will remain in place through December 2018. In addition to that, Apple will launch new iOS features that provide users "more visibility" to the health of the iPhone's battery.

Having said that, Apple's apology is far from ideal, and there are loads of annoying things about it.

First of all, Apple never admits that it misled iPhone users as it published the iOS 10.2.1 upgrade last year. It never advised users that, after the iPhone's battery has a specific era, iOS will slow down the telephones. However, Apple failed to properly inform users of what is happening.

"At Apple, our clients' trust means everything to us. We'll never stop working to make and maintain it. However, what Apple did was to select the consumer's support for granted.

But wait, there's more beneath the Recent user comments segment:

Over the course of this fall, we started to get feedback from some users that were seeing slower performance in certain conditions. Based on our expertise, we originally thought this was because of combination of two factors: a standard, temporary performance impact when updating the operating system as iPhone installs new applications and updates programs, and minor bugs in the first release that have since been repaired.

We believe that another contributor to those user encounters is the continuing chemical aging of these batteries in elderly iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s devices, many of which are still running in their original batteries.

So Apple is telling us that it is not analyzing iOS updates appropriately. This iPhones with chemically aged batteries are not in use everywhere at Apple, so these performance issues are not noticed by the iPhone users who matter most, Apple engineers.

Apple had to await user feedback to understand that the iPhone downturn, which Apple caused, is to blame for the poorer user experience on elderly iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s apparatus.

One of the primary selling points of iOS, at least for programmers, is that important releases are still available for tablets and phones which were published three or four decades back. But the majority of these devices operate on chemically depleted batteries. Did nobody at Apple think to test whether iOS 11 can provide an adequate encounter on an iPhone 6 that is slowed down through software?
Going forward, Apple does not appear to make this CPU throttling policy discretionary. As a long time iPhone user who possessed and will own devices with chemically depleted batteries, I would love to have the ability to select in the long run whether iOS should slow down the phone or not.

Instead, Apple will keep slowing down apparatus, and it affirmed, again, that the iPhone 7 versions are now included.






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