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luggage and duffle bags, your essential checklist for traveling

Traveling entails leaving behind your home, your comfort zone, to some place you are going to stay for a particular period of time unless you’re migrating.  Our home is basically all our stuff with a cover on top.  All the things you need are there to make your residence a place of solace and comfort.

People who don’t like traveling often feel so due to the inconvenience they experience, mainly because of their bad packing.  It is pivotal for your travel experience to have a distinction between the essentials from the inessentials.  You wouldn’t want to pack your limited capacity storage with things like detergent packets for hand washing laundry in the sink, or even a clothesline to hang your wet laundry in the hotel room shower.

The key is to pack essential items you’re going to need for the time you’d be away.  This way, you’ll also travel light with minimal items only, which is always a nice feeling to have.  Strolling around with heavy bags can weigh you down, and all travelers usually prefer to walk without having to worry about dragging along the luggage weighing them down like an anchor.

Let’s go through some of the essentials for traveling

  1. Picking your main luggage: Your main luggage must be spacious enough to hold all your essentials without tearing the seams.  It should be lightweight as well.  There is nothing worse than carrying your duffle bags with a broken wheel or zipper.  So, make sure you only get good quality luggage that can endure the weight of your essentials without compromising ease of carriage.  If you’re traveling to a city with paved roads and sidewalks, then rolling luggage is your best bet.  No need to load all that stuff and accessories on your back when you don’t have to.
  2. Fanny pack: Choose safety over fashion!  As a traveler, you do not want to risk losing your passport, boarding pass, and travel itinerary.  The repercussions of losing any of these important documents can potentially keep you from making that trip altogether.  Fanny packs aren’t a fashion statement anymore, but they sure do get the job done.  Wearing one will keep all your on-hand documents secure and within reach.  For clumsy travelers, a fanny pack is a must have!  
  3. Have a photocopy of your passport: You should never lose your passport, but in case you do, it’ll totally ruin your mood with the processes that follow afterwards and the waiting period you must go through.  If you have a colored photocopy of the first two pages of your passport that contains personal information, along with a photocopy of your ID on you, then you greatly improve your chances of acquiring a quick replacement from the local US embassy or consulate.  So, be responsible with your travel documents and be prepared in case things go south.
  4. Universal Adapter Plug: In your never-ending packed collection of charging chords, you must have a universal adapter plug.  You’ll thank us later.  Unfortunately for travelers, there is no standard electrical output and we don’t want to risk blowing out our much needed electronics.  Universal adapter plugs are the ideal solution, so use them when plugging your laptop or phone in the airport, or your place of accommodation, to have it mediate the provided electrical output into one that’s required from your electronics.





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