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duffle bags and roller bags: how you can make traveling easier by packing light

In a world where the weight of our belongings keeps us from traveling, minimalist travel might just be the answer. There are reporters who travel around the world for weeks with no luggage. A National Geographic writer and globetrotter traveled around the world for six whole weeks with no luggage. He had all he needed in his multi-pocketed vest where he also kept his handy keyboard folded, and some T-shirts. This way, he passed through airports without any stops and he didn’t have to pay any luggage fee since all the stuff he needed was in his pockets. He did not even have to wait for his luggage to arrive on the conveyer belt.

Traveling light could be a more liberating experience than you’d ever have imagined if you haven’t tried your hand at it before. Traveling light is all about only taking your essentials with you. You don’t have to pack your toiletry kit, extra pair of jeans, and God knows what else.

Here are three main reasons why being a travel minimalist is a great idea for those wondering:

  1. It is a liberating experience! No luggage fee and no wait for the luggage either.
  2. Shedding all that weight makes getting around much easier. You can squeeze into that bus with barely any space, or chase up that train you would have probably missed if you had packed heavy.
  3. It is good for the environment because we’ve reduced the emission of the airplane with the minimized weight of our luggage by just that much.


Let’s go through some expert tips on traveling light so you can focus more on the journey and less about your stuff.


  • Don’t get wheeled luggage. It may sound appalling at first but we tend to over pack roller bags. This is because no matter how much we pack, it can be rolled along if there’s pavement, of course. Go for duffle bags because it gives us an incentive to pack light!
  • If your clothes take more than one-third of your bag, you’re carrying way too much. Make sure you fold and roll your clothes to fit more in compact spaces.
  • Grab three of each clothing article for those long trips - 3 pairs of socks, three pairs of underwear and three pairs of shirts. A single pair of pants will last the long haul so you probably won’t need more than two. When you have 3 of each article, you can wear one, wash one and dry one simultaneously!
  • You don’t have to carry a heavy converter along because most electronic devices, including the smart phones and cameras, can automatically switch voltage when you plug them in. If your devices are voltage specific, leave them home because a three-way splitter plugged into a multi country adapter should be sufficient.
  • Avoid packing on last minute. An integral part of packing light is assessing what’s essential and what’s not. If you start packing on the 11thhour, you’re in a tight spot and the lack of time will most likely hinder your ability to pick out the essentials and you might end up with a heavy bag with stuff that you didn’t even need.





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