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5 travel essentials to make shopping for your travel perfect

It does not matter whether you are heading out for a couple of weeks, or planning a short two day vacation abroad, carrying the right travel essentials can make your trip perfect. Here is a list of 5 travel essentials that you must have for a trip without any problems.

1. Glasses Case

Glasses cases are always essential to keep your new glasses safe when you are on a trip.  Of course, it will be terrible if they break in your bag due to lack of protection in the middle of your trip, especially if its summertime.  You will have to bear the torturing light of the sun right in your eyes.  Our Genuine Leather Glasses Case helps keep your glasses protected throughout your journey.  With a zippered pocket and a side pocket, they are perfect for most standard sized glasses and will fit your suitcase nicely..

2. Travel Toiletry Bag

You are definitely going to need a travel toiletry bag to keep all your toilet accessories in while you travel.  Our Soft Genuine Lambskin Leather Travel Toiletry Bag made with genuine lambskin leather is perfect to keep your toilet accessories such as your toothbrush, razors, face cleaners, deodorants, etc, safely inside.  It is easy to carry with an extra side zippered pocket to accommodate additional accessories.

3. Mobile Laptop Briefcase

Most people like to take their laptops along with them on trips.  So, it is important for them to ensure their safety.  Our Mobile Office Laptop Briefcase is ideal for travelers looking for strong and secure laptop briefcases and rollerbags.   It offers good laptop facilities along with a mobile and palm case holder fixed on the back wall, which is a plus for travelers. It has got 2 zipper sections and a divider for files to accommodate important documents.

4. Camera Bag

No one today goes on a vacation without their cameras. Everyone wants to capture the best moments, which is what makes carrying the camera on a trip necessary.  Our Deluxe Gadget Bag is the perfect choice for a camera.  With a fully padded interior, spare pockets, and tripod straps, it can easily accommodate all your camera accessories.

We have a variety of travel bags for you.  Visit us to have a look.

5. Passport Case

When travelling to foreign countries, you need to carry your passport along.  Losing it anywhere can easily put you in difficult situation.  What will make it worse will be losing it in a country where you do not know anyone.  Our Travel Wallet Leather Passport Case will help you ensure the safety of your passport.  Made of genuine leather, our passport case is slim and compact.  It will not slip out of your hand easily.  The case will help keep your passport in good shape and has sleeves that hold the front and the back cover in place. Available in different colors, these passport cases are perfect while travelling.

At Bargain Brute, we offer a variety of travel essentials to ensure that you travel with style, and all your belongings stay safe, wherever you go.  For shopping details, visit us at






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