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5 things you can add to your suitcase

Traveling requires you to move out of your comfort zone.  This means taking only the necessary and essential things along with you, keeping in mind how much you can carry in your suitcase.  Leaving behind essentials may lead to problems on your trip, especially if a need for it arises later on during the journey.

There are a number of things you can add to your travel gear, some of which include:

1.     Camera bag

In order to protect your camera from damage while traveling, you can make use of a camera bag.  Available in different varieties, you can even get one that is waterproof.

A waterproof camera bag can protect your camera if it is raining during your journey, or even when you are at the beach.

2.     A rolling bag

A carry case, with a capacity to accommodate a good amount of luggage, including the gifts for your family and friends, is our first choice while packing for a trip.  However, it might get heavy and difficult to manage while you’re on the go.   To avoid any inconvenience, a rolling bag will come in handy.  You can easily drag it on wheels, and  pack any extra luggage that you might have.

3.     A box to store hard drives

It is a recommended practice to keep a backup of your work.  If you want to take your backup along with you while traveling, a drive box can be useful.  Going on a business trip it might be a safer option to bring along the backup hard drive to store whatever work you might get done during your trip, especially in case your device malfunctions and there might be a risk of losing all your data.  A backup hard drive can then provide restoration of that data wherever possible and applicable.


4.     Phone case

In the hustle and bustle of traveling, especially if you go around the time when most tourists have as well, there are chances your phone can endure scratches or even get dropped.  You can get a phone case while traveling to protect your phone, or you can get a bright colored one so that you can easily spot it, to make it more noticeable.

5.     Tablet case

You might have your tablet ready and filled with books or movies to watch during a long flight.  In order to protect it from scratches while it is in your suitcase, or when you are moving through a crowd, you can get a tablet case.  The case can hold your tablet as well as protect the screen from enduring scratches that can result while it is exposed.

You can even get it in different colors, or get a tablet lock to go along with it that helps protect your tablet against theft.

If you are considering adding one or more of these things to your travel gear, you can find them here.






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