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send food and supplies to those impacted in texas and florida from

Survival GearHurricane Irma hit the people of Texas and Florida leaving most of them homeless and with nothing. They basically have to start life all over again. These people are in desperate need of help, and helping them will be appreciated a lot. They need survival gear so as to be able to survive as they reconstruct their homes. You can buy some survival gear online, and it will be sent to them. Here are some of the factors you might need to consider when deciding the best survival gear to send them


Weight and Portability

These people are living under desperate conditions on a temporal basis and might need to move from one place to another in search for greener pastures. Therefore, we suggest that you consider sending them portable light donations so that they can be able to move easily, remember they have young children and others are also elderly people and therefore might not be able to carry heavy items. Light and foldable gear will be highly appreciated. However, we request that this should not compromise on quality.


Functionality and Usability

These people need quick easy to use Survival gear because they need to be able to solve problems that face them quickly and might not be having the technical expertise to operate some complex gear. Therefore, just buy something that they will find easy to use and not have to wait for long.  If you can buy the survival gear that can serve multipurpose, it will be better.



We are not sure how long it will take for these people to reconstruct houses and be able to live normal lives again. Therefore we request that you consider sending them survival gear that can last for long and still serve the intended purpose. Heavy duty sleeping bags and tents fall in this category. The light material may not serve them for long, and therefore it is better if we solve this problem once with a heavy duty item made of good material.



We are not specific to the price of the survival gear you want to donate, but we ask you to consider the quality, durability, and functionality when deciding how much to spend on them. However, you are in control of your own budget and in that case then just contribute based on the amounts you are comfortable spending on those who were impacted in Texas and Florida.


Consider Future Gifts

Although this appeal is mostly for immediate help, the effects of the hurricanes will be felt for months and years. Therefore, you can consider buying survival gear that can be delivered to them in the future. These people have children who are growing and the clothes you might send today may only help for a short time.


Be Aware of Fraud

There are several other appeals that have been made on the internet. We ask that you first validate the legitimacy of the organization before sending donations. Otherwise, we advise that you buy items so that we can deliver them.

Survival gear can be food or other supplies like clothes, shoes and building materials. Most of these people might not be able to recover from the devastation caused by the hurricanes, and therefore we appeal that you help so that we can comfort them.






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