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these vitamin deficiencies more common today....

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The December 2017 dilemma of Nutrients published the finding of German researchers of a substantial presence of vitamin D deficiency in an older population.  Vitamin D is a chemical in the Vitamin World that is available at most any vitamin shoppe for a low price.

The present study analyzed data from 1,079 participants, aged 65 to 93 years, at the Cooperative Health Research in the area of Augsburg-Age (KORA-Age) study conducted in 2008/2009. The KORA Cooperative Health Research system has assessed the health of thousands of people living in the Augsburg region of Southern Germany for the last 30 years to comprehend the ramifications of environmental, lifestyle and genetic factors. "In this circumstance, we're also interested in analyzing the micronutrient status of older adults, such as vitamins" explained lead researcher Barbara Thorand of the Institute of Epidemiology, Helmholtz Zentrum München. "So far, in Germany, research data on this subject has been comparatively thin on the ground."

Blood samples collected in 2009 were examined for vitamins B12 and D, folic acid, and iron. It had been found half had suboptimal levels of vitamin D. "The results are extremely clear," reported writer Romy Conzade. "Fifty-two percent of those analyzed older adults had vitamin D levels below 50 nmol/L [20 ng/mL] and consequently had a suboptimal vitamin D status"

Additionally, 27.3 percent of the participants had suboptimal vitamin B12 levels, 11 percent had low levels of iron, and 8.7 percent had insufficient folate levels.

"Our study also demonstrates that regular consumption of vitamin-containing supplements goes together with elevated levels of the various vitamins," Dr Thorand noted.

"By way of blood tests, the present study has confirmed the vital outcomes of the last German National Nutrition Survey (NVS II), which demonstrated an inadequate intake of micronutrients from meals," said coauthor Annette Peters. "This is an extremely relevant issue, especially in light of our growing aging population."

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