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7 health reasons from the vitamin world

Eating a well balanced diet is important for the growth of every individual.  However, this fast paced life has made it difficult for everyone to consume home-made healthy food all the time, especially when their work demands more attention.

For people to stay fit and healthy, it is important for them to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water, get adequate sleep, consume milk, and include the right nutrients in their diet.  But, since not all the people today are able to do so, supplements have gained popularity because of their ability to enhance our health in quick time.  So, if you are unable to consume a healthy diet enriched with nutrients regularly, here are 7 reasons why you must consume supplements.

1. Poor digestion

A poor digestive system can deprive you of the effect of vitamins from the vitamin world.  When people chew less, larger food particles tend to go straight to the stomach, which does not allow the digestive enzymes to assimilate the food thoroughly.  This means that the enzymes are not able to extract the nutrients completely, making digestion difficult.

2. Exercise increases the need for nutrients

If you are an athlete or a gym fanatic who trains hard every day, you use a lot of oxygen and energy that makes your body demand a more nutritious diet.  Not consuming the right nutrients will limit the performance for an athlete, and stop the gains for a body builder.  Our protein powders and protein shakes are ideal for such people to add in their diets from our vitamin shoppe.

3. Smoking affects

Smoking also affects your digestive system, and increases the body’s requirement of vitamin C.  So, if you are a smoker, you must consume supplements rich with vitamin C and A.

4. Taken antibiotics

Antibiotics have the ability to fight infections within a human body, but they also tend to kill the friendly bacteria present creating multiple deficiencies.  You can always consult your doctor who can advise you which supplement to take.  At we have a variety of supplements to help cure all your deficiencies.

5. If you have food allergies

Some people suffer from food allergies.  For example, they cannot consume wheat or dairy products, etc.  So, a complete omission of wheat or dairy from their diet means a huge loss of important nutrients required by the body.  Supplements help provide the body those nutrients which otherwise will cause allergies in their natural form.

6. For elderly people

Older people do not take sufficient minerals and vitamins into their diet.  Therefore, vitamin C deficiency and folic acid deficiency are common amongst them.  Adding supplements into their diet helps improve these deficiencies and might improve health.  

7. For pregnant women

Pregnancy increases the need for nutrients within the body.  So, supplements are an excellent way of adding vital nutrients in the diet of pregnant women to ensure that their baby is getting all the nutrients they require, and is growing in good health.

So, if you really care about your health, visit us today to get the best supplements for yourself.






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