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shopping at the shopping mall for sun protection

Sunscreens come out around beaches and swimming pools. Most of us go shopping for them to prevent sun burns and tans. We don’t have the wrong idea about that, but that’s not all to sunscreens and their use.

Sunscreens provide protection against the sun, not that sunlight is bad for us because we do get our share of Vitamin D from it. However, the UV rays within the sunlight have lurking dangers of its own. There are too many people out there who brave out the UV rays without using sunscreens.

The dangers of UV

UV rays are a natural carcinogen and have the ability to induce cancer in our cells. Exposure to UV rays can disturb the nomenclature of the DNA and cause mutations in it that can result in uncontrolled cell division resulting in cancer. With increasing emissions of greenhouse gases, our ozone layer is depleting which means more UV rays are entering our atmospheres, which were previously being blocked by the ozone. Skin cancer rates are on a new high making the use of sunscreen even more essential now than ever before to shield your body from these harmful rays.

How do sunscreens work?

You would notice the acronym “SPF” on sunscreens. SPF stands for sun protecting factor and basically highlight the strength of the sunscreen. For example, SPF 30 means that you can stay in the sun 30 times longer before sunburn occurs than you will able to without protection from the sunscreen. You can protect yourself and your skin by applying the sunscreen but you’ll still be able to get a tan. A common misconception about water resistant sunscreens often used in beaches and swimming pools is that it’ll stay on your skin no matter how much you expose it to water. It is important to remember that water resistant does not mean waterproof, and prolonged exposure to water should be followed up with the reapplication of sunscreen. Always check the label of the water resistant sunscreen for reapplication times.

You will not regret having worn sunscreen cautiously when you will look at your skin compared to your family and friends who didn’t. Sunscreen prevents photoaging of the skin.

Let’s go through some handy useful tips concerning sun

  • Sun rays get stronger at higher altitude so always use higher sun protection factor when you go to high altitude.
  • People who have fair skin are more susceptible to skin cancer and sun damage than people with darker skin. Light skinned people should use higher sun protection factor.
  • Get sunscreens with added antioxidant vitamins like vitamin E, vitamin C, and vitamin A because they will protect you from the harmful free radicals along with blocking off UV rays.
  • Always apply a sunscreen with sun protection factor of 15 or higher. Anything lower than that is more or less redundant.
  • Make sure you give yourself 30 minutes after applying the sunscreen to let it absorb in the skin before going out in the sun.
  • Your skin isn’t the only organ that needs protection from the sun. Protect your eyes from excessive light intensity and UV rays by visiting a shopping mall to get UV protection sunglasses or shades.





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